Friday, April 29, 2011

Cheese fest nails!

   My family and I all participated in the 2nd 8th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational.  It was really fun though none of us placed but it was a fun day with the family.

   For my nails I wanted to do an easy simple color that was pretty and was cheesey at the same time.
   I reached for moms new Zoya Tanzy. I loved it so much! I got a lot of compliments and it was so sparkly in the sun, and it matched my snacks:)

The family and I took a break for a snack and to relax. So here are my nails and baby carrots. And I know you want a family picture so here we are:)

Mom and Russ in back, then Mitchell and me in front
 Have you guys ever competed in anything with your family? 


  1. Ooh, nice polish :) Really shiny! I am wondering what that Invitational is about? I don't think we have anything like that here.. tell tell! hah

    Btw, I tagged you in an award, but haven't gotten around to tell you :p

  2. awww! Thank you:)

    Here is the link for the grilled cheese fest:)