Friday, April 8, 2011

My China Glaze

  Well you guys have seen my zoya so I figured we can carry on so you guys can see what I have got to work with.

   China Glaze is probably the polish I love the most. I have bought more China Glaze than any other brand. ( I do have more OPI but some is my mom's or hand-me-downs) I love the formulation and the colors. So here are my cgs:

(L-R) Fairy dust, Solar Power, Peachy Keen, and Sun Worshiper

(L-R) Ruby Pumps, Pool Party, Your Touch, and Ick-A-Body

(L-R) Riveter Rouge, Ingrid, Swing Baby, and Peace on Earth

(L-R) Dorothy Who?, Midnight Mission, Jolly Holly, and Zombie Zest

(L-R) Frostbite, Towel Boy Toy, For Audry, Flying Dragon(neon),
And First Class Ticket
I didn't think you could really see these in the first picture.
Sorry for the bottle, I took off the sales tag:)
What do you guys think? Any colors you have that you would like to see? What china glaze color do you want but don't have?

I want Atlantis sooo bad!!! See you tomorrow for a manicure inspired by a movie I watched today:)


  1. I would like to see Peace on earth! I have it but haven't tried it yet!
    I've just recently gotten my first China Glaze polishes in a swap and so far I like them :)

  2. I also adore china glaze! No matter how many other kinds I have I always come back to china glaze.

    I would like to see Towel Boy Toy! I'm such a blue fanatic :)

  3. OH! Two of my favorites! i will swatch them for you ladies today after work and put up a post for you:)