Thursday, March 31, 2011

My first Drag marble

   I loved drag marble from the first time I saw it. So I wanted to try it out. I tried it about a month ago and this was my result.

I love drag marbling its so crisp, no clean up and you can make the swirls look however you want pretty much.
   I used Revlon Minted and Love and Beauty Green.

   Sweet, Simple, and to the point.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cold Movie

   I judge, I will admit it. I judge polish by it's bottle. ALL THE TIME! Which I will admit has bit me on the toosh a time or two.
   This manicure has one of the colors that I saw and just had to have, I also know this color called to almost everyone who loves polish. Its gorgeous in the bottle but is sooo sheer on the nail you just want to chuck it across the room.
   Have you guessed which polish I am talking about? LOL! There is probably more than I would care to know:)
   The polish I am talking about is Sally Hansen's DVD. The polish looks amazing in the bottle and you want it to look that way after 2 coats, well try again. I did a four coat manicure of this polish....once.
   Then I got china glaze's frostbite and it screamed at me to be paired with dvd. The manicure that came out of that union was one I loved so much I left it alone for 3 days...which is as long as any manicure ever lasts with me.
   This was so hard to capture on camera! The blue base coat made the polish scream blue in the sun...a gorgeous blue but blue. In shade it did duo chrome goodness. So I will just post up the 5 pictures that best shows you what my cold movie manicure looked like!

the blue matches my Ipod whose name btw is Astrid:)

you can see a little bit of the purple here

heres some purple! finally

this is even better

this is what my nails looked like most of the time.
Also note the manicure stuff in the background:)

I know I love to layer polishes to create new colors. What are some of your favorite combinations?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I got a gem!

   Okay so when I was first introduced to Deborah Lippmann it was love at first sight. My three loves are the typical three everyone loves:) Happy Birthday, Across the Universe, and Bad Romance.
   I want these polishes with a passion but the one time I got to where they were actually sold the one I had decided to buy( Across the Universe as it doesn't have an awesome dupe) was SOLD OUT! WHAT!?! I was beyond sad.
   But I moved on with my day of shopping and I kept my eyes out for other dupes. I bought the complete china glaze halloween collection. Mummy May I broke before I got it home....and I had bought the last bottle available. $7 I will never get back and the polish I most wanted I don't have either. * insert sad face*
   So when people started posting the possible dupe for Happy Birthday I kept my eyes peeled and today I FOUND IT!!! *Happy Dance* Milani Gems was hiding at the very bottom of an aisle at Target.

   OMG! Look at all the glittery prettiness:) I left this picture a little more blurry so you could catch more of the colors.

   So I went with a nude base with one coat of gems over top to show off the glitter and not compete.

For the Nude base I used Sally Hansen's Princess Pink and then obviously the Gems over the top.
just because you need another picture of glitter

   I think this satisfies the need for Happy Birthday, now if I could get my hand on the other two maybe I could move on to wanting other Deborah Lippmans:)

   What Deborah Lippmann polish do you crave? Maybe I should make a polish wishlist:)

Tomorrow you get my favorite straight color manicure of the month...are you excited??

Monday, March 28, 2011


So, I was in the mood for something different. Something I hadn't done before so I pulled out Peachy Keen from China glaze. I love that color and wanted to use it in whatever I ended up doing.
   I grabbed Zoya's Blair thinking maybe I could keep it in a color story. But I reached for OPI's Japanese Rose Garden instead. I ended up with my best friend Rachel's favorite manicure I have ever done.
   I am very partial to this design.
   I started with the P.K. base, then used the tape method to create my stripes. Then just to add a little more of the other colors I put the heart and little dot.

   It was clean simple and smacked you in the face. I loved it!
left hand

right hand. Not as crisp but was fine:)
 What do you guys think? Have you guys tried tape manicures? If so what do you think?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Need a Star

   So I thought I would show you one of my favorite  manicures. I was going for a night sky look. Did a brighter blue( at that point I didn't have any navy polishes) Then a glitter coat. The stars are from Sally's beauty supply.

   This was an attention getter everyone LOVED this manicure. People I didn't know asked about this, I even had guys compliment them. Which is always good:)


I am sorry guys the post today will happen but it will be happening at like 6 pm my time. I am sorry! I was out helping a friend celebrate so I crashed at her place and then came straight to work! It will be up I promise:)

See you soon!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm a Firework. Are you?

So a while ago OPI had a contest on their facebook where you had to do a manicure based off one of 5 nail looks worn by Katy Perry.

   I love Katy Perry so of course I had to do a look. I went for simple shiny and colors based off her collection.

   I used a little bit of everything and quite liked it. Though I couldn't wear it because I seriously don't have enough rhinestones for both hands so here you go.

   Did any of you enter? I know they announced the winners and they were gorgeous!

   How was everyones Friday? Ready for the weekend?

Friday, March 25, 2011

It's a birthday kind of day

So yesterday was my mom's birthday. She went wine tasting, I took her and the rest of the family to see the movie Clue on the big screen ( how can  you say no to Tim Curry?) Out to dinner and then home to watch The Tourist.

So I was going to paint my mom's nails for her day but then real life got in the way and she ran out of time to sit and have me paint them.....seriously.

So I figured since my birthday was during my embarrassing hiatus from my blog I would post mine in the birthday spirit!

I went simple and SUPER girly for my birthday.

The roses were my present from my parents and they were gorgeous and smelled amazing!

Base Color is OPI's Dim Sum Plum
The glitters are SOPI's Only Gold for Me and Flurry Up!

I loooooved this manicure! It was fun and super super eye catching. Though I know that much glitter is definitely not for everyone:)

Have a great Friday everyone!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Because we are living in a material world

Okay so how many of you are singing Madonna now? LOL! Hopefully more than a few of you. Today's manicure screams I love being born or living through the 80's.

I went simple and bright and loved every second of this manicure. Hopefully you will too.

I went the super simple route and just used my dotting tool to put the splatter where I deemed fit. Here is my right hand just so you guys know I actually paint that hand as well:)

This whole manicure was inspired by the base color. This is Sally Hansen's Fuchsia Bling Bling which was given to me by my friend Mel. Who comes over at least once a week so I can paint her nails.

Do you guys like? I thought it was fun and I loved how it matched my victoria secret soft and dreamy body mist:)

What is your favorite simple manicure design?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Recent additions

Okay I will admit this seems like a lot of polish.....and it has been accumulated over probably about a month.

I do like a little bit of every brand and if there is a deal going on I can't turn away lol!

So here are my pretties:)
as you can see I am not a brand snob lol!

All righty so I know you want some close ups. Also I will caption names and if I got a deal on them. If not otherwise noted I spent the regular retail price.
China Glaze Frostbite and Fairy dust. Got 2 for $10
Light Pink and Light Green
perplex, midnight affair and gold get 'em(m.a & gg were both for $2!)
frosted sapphire, blue lace ( got for $3), Let's Plie
bubble bath( this was a gift), denim dash($1) and shimmering bark

So what do you all think? I have been craving frostbite like crazy so finally just bought it for myself. I really REALLY want Atlantis. But alas have not been able to find it and everyone here is sold out of all crackles!!!!

What have you guys got recently or really want to get your hands on?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The end of Zoya week!

   Zoya week feels like it flew by! So I thought I would show you all the Zoya colors I have at my disposal!
   I will admit that only 4 are actually mine, though it is more than likely I will "inherit" the most of the others!

So here they are:

I tried to put them in color order:)

So there is the 3 my mom got for free, the 3 my step dad ordered because his love for my mom is boundless lol and then the intimate collection she ordered when they offered a deal. Also my 3 free which you guys have already seen and my roxy as well.

So lets have some close ups!

Julieanne, Danni, and Caitlin
Marly, Ibiza, and Kotori
Crystal, Gemma(note the shimmer), and Jules
Roxy, Blair, and Isla
Tess, Piper, Stephanie, and Dove
Sorry about the little bit of blurring but I thought it actually picked up the finishes quite well on the bottles.

I really need to get a camera that has a macro setting. Mine is really old and has none of the fun stuff like that!

So what do you think of the little stash? Which color is your favorite?

Also I am sure you have all already heard but if you have an account on zoya you have a buy one get one free coupon code! So have fun shopping ladies!

Tomorrow I think I am going to show you my recent purchases. Them maybe we can go through what I own or maybe do another brand theme week? What would you guys like to see?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Caitlin does patchwork

So for day 6 I thought I would show you all the manicure that started it all!

This is caitlin from the intimate collection. Now caitlin was the color I dove for as soon as the polish came in. I wore it plain for two days then I attacked it with dove and here is the result.

I went for simple designs and just used my dotting tool. Even the vertical lines! But I got a lot of compliments on this one at work and also on facebook.

What do you think? Do you guys like the patchwork a little bit of everything designs, or do you like it when it is the same all the way through?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Giveaway Note

Here is another giveaway note for everyone!

Konadmania is having a 1000+ giveaway for all her subscribers. Also on a cool side note all her prices were self purchased and not sponsored. So definite kudos for that!
here is the prizes for the giveaway
If you guys haven't checked out the blog go meander that way. She has some super cute konad manis. The one pictures here is one of my favorite, I want this plate soo SOOO bad!

how cute is the little girl?!

Go check her out!

Zoya Week day 5

Hey everyone!

Sorry todays is up a little later than normal I just got home from a party.

So today the manicure is sweet and simple and you can do it at home with a toothpick!

I used zoya Danni and Jules, just because I found them to have a similar shimmer.

I used my dotting tool and did the dots, then went back and used it for the stripes as well.

Do you guys like the color combo?

Tomorrow I may delve into my mom's stash of zoyas (technically the intimates collection is hers but I tend to inherit them), maybe something darker?

See everyone tomorrow!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Roxy's Raspberry Swirl- A Tutorial:)

So a few people asked for a tutorial to yesterday's manicure so here she is:)

What you will need:
Base and topcoat
base color
swirl color
dotting tool

Step 1:
   Use nail polish remover and make sure your nail is clean. Do all your standard manicure steps filing ect.

Step 2:
   Use your base coat. I am actually going through and using up what I have in my collection; so at the moment I am using Sally Hansen: double duty base & topcoat.

Step 3:
   Step 3 is where you make or break this manicure. You have to put on a thick wet coat of whatever color you use as your base. In my case I used sally hansen white on. I cannot stress how important it is to do one thick coat! Do not do the building of layers, or you wont be able to swirl in the color. So one thick coat evenly over the nail.
see how its thick but not running all over the place?

Step 4:
   Now before your base coat has a chance to dry use a dotting tool (or whatever you happen to have handy) and drop dots onto the nail. For this finger I used three medium sized dots of Zoya's Roxy.

Step 5:
   Now mine looks a little more bumpy than yours will since i had to pause and takes pictures of each step lol! For this step you will use the toothpick, and NOT pushing down to the nail, just into the polish make swirl designs. You can do circle, lines, whatever you like until you get a patten you like. Though I do recommend not going over board as that just mixes the colors and you don't see the swirl anymore.
see how mine looks bumpy? Thats because the white started to dry!

Step 6:
   This step is clean up if you have anything, then place a top coat over the polish and TADA!
the topcoat will help smooth out bumps if you have them

So there it is! I love how fast this marbling is compared to water marbling( less messy as well). Though you do have to do each nail at a time.

Let me know if you give it a try, or if you would like to see it in different colors!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Giveaway Note

There is a anniversary giveaway I wanted to let you all know about!

The PolishAholic (okay LOVE that name) is celebrating having her blog for a year and wants to share it with everyone! So head on over and check her out!

Good luck if you enter and a Congrats to Jen for a year of blogging awesome-ness

Roxy's Raspberry Swirl

So to continue with my idea for zoya week I thought I would use my very first zoya ever...Roxy.

I did a very simple drag marble manicure, and I love it it looks like a raspberry swirl dessert!

Not to bad for my second drag marble ever huh?

Sally Hansens White on for the base( it is the only white I have)
Zoya Roxy for the awesome glittery swirl!

Hope you guys like it and maybe give it a whirl yourself.