Sunday, May 1, 2011

Testing my skill

   Awhile ago I recreated a manicure I fell in love with while looking at wah-nail manicures.
   I used the OPI Hong Kong collection and at the time was very proud of myself.
   Well I took it upon myself to recreate it to see how much if any I have improved. Also I wanted to use my new Revlon Royal Polish ( which is a gorgeous blue jelly polish)
   I think from looking at the old one I have come along quite well so far:) What do you guys think?

   These pictures definitely do NOT do this color justice, though unless you are in sunlight it does look pretty dark, a few people thought I was wearing black and had placed random white stripes...
   Overall though I would say I loooved the color, and also bought one of their scented polishes to try so that will be fun!

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