Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

I did this simple manicure to start off Hanukkah:)

OPI's Suzi says Feng Shui and Sephora by OPI's Flurry Up with seche vite topcoat. Simple and easy but I got alot of compliments on it.

This is obviously true-est to color.
As you can see the weather has changed here in southern California ( I know I know) But My hands have been so dry my cuticles cracked and split hence the no pictures. This is looking TONS better so that is why I have been lacking on the updates.

I have two more posts planned and ready to go. One was my birthday manicure( It was November 11th geesh) But you will def. have to excuse cuticle damage. The other is the second franken I have ever made. Still not perfect but I am wearing it right now and I am growing attached. I think it would be even cooler with a matte top coat. I need to get me one of those:)

Let me know what you think, and happy beginning to the holiday season! All the best to you and yours.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sad News

   As I am sure all of you know by now OPI was bought by a company named COTY. Normally this wouldn't be such a bad thing except that COTY condones animal testing. As OPI was always animal cruelty free 3 free and overall awesome this comes as a shock to all of us loyal OPI fans.
   I am so glad I got my natural nail base coat 2 weeks ago. Though it makes me sad for when I am going to have to find a new one:S
   Other nail polish brands that do animal testing include:
L'Oreal ( which I didn't know until recently and then refused to buy one of there polishes last night when I feel in love with it...a bright blue jelly I neeeeeed a dupe)
Max Factor( do they do nail polish?)
One company that it surprises the *%# outta me in Nuetrogena. WHAT!?
Sally Beauty Supple
Sally Hansen

Its a good thing that we still have China Glaze( my favorite polish) Zoya and color club.

I will note that OPI says that they do plan on staying cruelty free, but by buying them you support COTY who does test on animals.

If you want to read more companies that test on animals( it will shock you so get ready) check out babbling Brooke's blog post:

Are you guys going to continue to buy OPI? Let me know what you think

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Halloweens

So here are two different looks for you guys. The first one is actually my friend Rachel's nails. She wanted something halloweeny.

This is the icing in gargoyle, then my nail art:) A full moon in yellow and a dead tree silhouette. She actually made them last over a week which to me is amazing. But she liked them and got a few compliments on them.

This next one is actually my nails that I wore for like two days. Its Icing Gargoyle. But as it is a matte nail polish I couldn't get it to hang around for very long but I really like it and think its a good choice for my first matte nail polish.

I really like it alot. What do you guys think?

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Simple Halloween nail

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been gone for so long. I worked eight in a row then my brother got married. Needless to say that everything got backed up.

But here is a simple halloween manicure if you don't want to go all ghost ghoulie:)
This is wet cement by sally hansen and Flying Dragon by china glaze with the dots in Ick-a-body by China glaze.

I wanted to start off with something that wasn't so obvious. I also like how the green base shows up so well in the dots.

So what do we think everyone?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Grass Stain

   So I was in the mood to wear a polish I don't wear very much because I have been an OPI wearing machine lately. So I go through my polish and happen upon a favorite from middle school. This is Revlon's Street Wear in Grass Stain. Now I know there are three versions of this color. This is the one that says grass stain 04. Its a army/olive green with a gold micro micro sheen in the sun:) I used two coats and I still love it! So perfect for this time of year:)
Inside: You can see a little of the gold
Another Indoor photo
Outside in the California Sun. So shiny!
trying to show the gold a little more
A bottle shot for you ladies. You can tell I loved it:)
Let me know what you think!

I have my brothers wedding in a week so I am going to be trying to figure out what color to wear with my dress:) I am known for my nails so I can do whatever I want which is nice. Oh the ideas:)  Have a good one and I will talk to ya'll soon!


One of my collections

   Being a girl I tend to collect things. I have my nail polish...obviously. But I also collect things that have to do with strawberries ( i lost my strawberry sling have no idea how sad I am)
   I do also collect penguins....I have quite a collection of those now as well. Though just an fyi I did like penguins BEFORE march of the penguins so I am not a band wagon jumper....
   Anyways this blog post is about something else that I collect but its more common I guess in a way. I started collecting disney pins. About one year ago I would estimate. I had been given 3 pins by some one and I found them one day and decided to look them up as I noticed 2 of them said limited edition on the back, and so it started! So I am going to show you my collection so you can see what I have and you can tell me if you think I am nuts or if you like them as well!
WARNING!!! You are about to get bombarded with photos:) Enjoy and see you all soon!

This is all of them on my lanyard.
Went with black for the pins:)

Josh won this for me on ebay. It is my favorite of
all my pins:) Yay for boyfriends:)

Stitch came to my in a B-day Card:)
Another of the original three pins:)
I love the old school Disney musical cartoons:)
Ariel: There is another Little Mermaid pin
I am jonesing for.But I had to represent my fav movie

One of my all time favorite movies.
Also means it is my fav time to go to Disney:)
Does anyone remember this cartoon?
Last of the Originals. A mushroom from Fantasia.
He is a limited edition as well! and so cute and tiny
Who doesn't love Mulan?

This was one of the three pins that were given to me.
A limited release from when it came to dvd. LOVE it!
I got this as a birthday present last year.
Another limited edition

I got it!

So here is a Nicole nail polish that I got on sale the other day at Target. It was so pretty I just had to bring it home with me:)

This is Poised in Turquiose( my label is spelled that way...wonder why they misspelled it?)

But definitely an eye catcher!
What do you think?

Next post (  like immediately following this) is going to be a massive love but not polish with TONS of photos:))

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


One of the blogs that I follow is called Scandalously Polished. I love her blog...she is very upfront and doesnt try to skirt around anyone, she is to the point and freakin hysterical.
She also makes the most AMAZING franken polishes ever...seriously. She is hosting a giveaway for reaching 666 followers ( she is well past that now)

And as much as I dont want you to enter so I can have the frankens myself I am going to share anyway!

Here are the frankens she is giving away:

Definitely go over and check her out! and Good Luck if you enter

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yummy Stripey Goodness

Since I am on a wah-nails kick I will show you one I did about a month or so ago. I used almost all OPI Hong Kong collection for this look and loved it. Though I am still not so good at the perfect stripes on the right hand:(

I was so excited to have these done that I took the pictures before clean up....which is a bad habit for me! I will get better I promise folks!

So this is Dim Sum Plum, Suzi says Fung Shui, Jade is the new black and Funky Dunkey.

Then just an elf white and a black nail art pen.

I had a lot of fun with these and everyone really liked them and said they looked very london. Which is where wah-nails is from so that was cool.

Do you guys love them too?

Let me know what you think!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Anchors Away

So I was browsing one of my favorite nail sites wah-nails and I decided to so some anchors:) So here is my nautical manicure, and just because I can I am going to show you my right hand with my left handed art work:S

Two coats each of OPI Suzi says fueng shui and red...OPI red. Then because I wanted the black anchors to be fairly thin I used sally hansens nail art pen. Then just my nail art striper in white.

What do you guys think? I think it is pretty cute:) would be a good summer July manicure. Since I am in California it doesnt feel like autumn is on its way yet...I miss Montana sometimes:(

Talk to you soon!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Got the Greys?

Sorry I posted this so late/early. I crashed at 7pm....guess I was tired.

I got onto the Grey train late in the game....for some crazy unknown reason I didnt think grey would look nice. WRONG! wrong oh so wrong. But to test this out I didnt want to shell out alot of money and then hate it. So I got sally hansens wet cement.

I actually really like this polish...the color and coverage is very nice only needing two coats. The brush isn't bad either. But after I painted them Grey once I wanted to spiff it up a little so I layered one coat of OPI's What's the dune? HOLY MOLEY! A Grey holo!!!! LOVE!!! I wore this for 5 days which is equivalent to a century to my nails....and I would wear it again!

The second is color accurate and the first one shows the shimmer really well. So there you have new manicure love...the grey holo:)

Hope you guys love it too!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Purple blue flash

Warning...this is going to be photo heavy:)
   I fell in love when i went to cvs....for non polish of course and this polish yelled at me from the bottom of a shelf were someone else had misplaced it.
   Confetti is the $1.99 polish that cvs just started carrying(well mine anyway) and their polish that was screaming at me to take it home? Ice Ice Baby.....yup for serious. It made me.....*starts singing*STOP! Collaborate and LISTEN! LOL! Anyways:) So I bought Ice Ice baby and one of their other glitters they I haven't tried yet.
   Okay prepare yourself for love:)

This is one coat of OPI's Funky Dunkey and two coats Ice Ice Baby and seche vite topcoat:)

Here are two that you can really see the blue flash from the glitter:)

I dunno what happened to my middle finger:S

Because of the name I was calling this the ice dunkey lol! Can you see why I loved it? Then I had to break down a film tonight and broke 2 nails and destroyed almost all of the other polish* sigh* I hate Thursdays at work now....BUT now I get to try out the other confetti polish!

   Let me know what you think:) Come back tomorrow for the "coolest" layer mani tomorrow( i have two days off so I swear it will be tomorrow)


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Little Miss Luna

Just thought would do a quick post to show everyone the new addition:)

Her name is Luna or Little Miss. She is super lovey, likes to cuddle. Though her favorite thing to do? EAT. She is such a pig:)

how cute is she!?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Something girly

   I am the extreme girly girl and I love the florals and the bright colors. But when I saw Lisa's Blog I fell in love with her layering and color choices. She has some AMAZING manicures so definitely go check out her blog.
   So in her honor I did my own layered manicure ( i did my best but I only have three konad plates) and I loved the crazy awesome over fabulousness that was this manicure. My mom thought it was to much but me, I thought it was good fun!

    I used all OPI colors besides one( I only own one yellow and that is solar power by china glaze) But I just thought the manicure was fun especially after I went all crazy with rhinestone butterflies:)

  OPI colors used: What's with the Cattitude?, Funky Dunkey, Magala Wine, Jade is the new Black. I am sorry to say I don't remember what color I used to get the orange-ish flower. Sorry guys!
   Well I hope you like my girly over the top manicure:)

see ya soon!

Monday, August 30, 2010

East Village

So I am a blue fan, especially teals( my favorite color of all time is cerulean blue). So when I saw East Village by N.Y.C. I was in heaven! Then I got it home and had 4 layers of it on my nails before I liked it. I generally don't mind layering, but still it was disappointing. So! I said I want that color in less coats so I decided to layer it. This is the result:

This color was so gorgeous!!! How did I do it and keep it at the 3 coat manicure? I put it over one coat of Suzi Says Fueng Shui by OPI. Which if you don't own by now I don't know what you are waiting for!

I got so many compliments on the manicure, and it lasted quite awhile as well:)

I loved it alot and hope you guys enjoy the color inspiration!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes you just want to blend in

I had one of those days about a week ago. I am not usually a nude nail kind of girl but I was in the mood for something not quite so out there.

So I did this manicure and it actually got alot of comments. The ladies that come into the movie theater I work at all really liked them.

This is two coats of sephora by OPI's Under My Trench Coat, and what I always thought of as a deluxe swiss dot print:) The dots are just in a white from my nail art striper.
 This picture is actually pretty darn color accurate.

I am still having issues with nail breakage from work; my pointer fingernail went and broke all the way back to the nail bed OUCH! My other nails at the moment are fine * knocks on all available wood around her*

I will be back with my crazy colorful manicure since this one is simple:) Hope you like it and best wishes to you:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just a quick note:)

   One of the blogs on my blog roll:) That I check everyday is Lacquerized @ is having a giveaway.
   She is doing a giveaway for 4 different Kiko brand nail polishes. This is a German brand of polish and it looks so fun!
   So why don't you go over and check it out and sign up to be a follower while you are there ( you have to be one if you want to enter the give away)

 How much do you want the topcoat of flakies? *faints from awesome sparkliness*

An oldie but goodie

This was a simple manicure I did for a day at Universal Studios with the boyfriend and his niece.
This was either for audrey by china glaze or orlys gumdrop as a base( how sad is that I dont remember?)
 The yellow dots are solar power by china glaze, Sally Hansen Chrome nail makeup in aquamarine chrome and L'Oreal jet set quick dry in Zippy. Just about three of each on each nail. Then topped off with seche vite topcoat. It was super cute and easy and had alot of compliments:)

I need to figure out how to stop breakin my nails at work:S

This is a little blurry but you can see the two blue dot colors a little better:)

I will have some newer manis up soon. I lost the cord to off load my camera so getting them off then onto the computer got a little tricky. Also Any good recommendations for a strength builder?
I am constantly breaking my nails at work from getting then smacked while working in the projector( I work at a theater). I would appreciate it:P

Friday, August 6, 2010

Not your usual nail art

So I thought why not start off the blog with a non-standard manicure:)
 So Here it is.This is my very old school phone:)

   I used one of my older glitter polishes, covergirl's Boundless Color in Ruby Dust, all over( i did add some extra pink glitter by wet'n wild).
Then added hearts in Gumdrop by Orly.
The flowers were made with N.Y.C in french tip white, the yellow is solar by China glaze and i THINK the leaves were Jade is the New Black by O.P.I of course.

I really love it, it gave my phone a second life. Yes it doesn't make the keys not stick and upgrade it but it made it a little more me, and isn't that part of what nail polish is all about?

So one more picture a  little closer up though slightly yellow for you guys and I will see you on the next post!