Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bundle Monster Fan Crazy!

I showed mom the Bundle Monster plates, and 10 minutes later she had them ordered and on their way to me. Needless to say I was SO SO excited. This was mom's first stamping manicure.

This was 2 coats of Victoriana from Butter London

Then in silver I used plate 215 for the ring finger

For the other fingers I used plate 204. So cute!
This was my first manicure, bubble bath base with plate 214 stamped with
Zoya's Jem.

I LOVED these manicures. Mom's was so pretty in person, and she would come home every day and tell me someone else who had commented her on them. I really want to do this manicure in red with a gold stamp.
  Mine was fun and girly, but it made me really self conscious of how small my nails are as this is NOT suppose to take up the whole nail. But Jem was really shiny and I loved the look of it.
   Which do you ladies like better?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Whisper for teal

    September is not a fun month for most people. School starts back up, Moms send there babies off for the first time. People leave and go on business trips that will separate them from there families. It is also the month before the Holiday season starts.
   September is also Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. Ovarian cancer is the leader in cancers that kill women in the United States. Unfortunately the warning signs of Ovarian Cancer are pretty common in women so a lot of them miss it until it is to late. But there are a few things you can do to be more prepared and in the know! I found a website that I think you ladies should go check out. Go check out Ovations and read stories of survivors, see what the warning signs are and maybe even donate a $1 towards finding a cure!
   Now a few of you might be wondering why have I pulled my support for this and not one of the other worthy causes that have come up lately. Well I have PCOS, which I have known I have had since I was roughly 16 ( I am 27 now). PCOS is the MOST COMMON female endocrine disorder effecting 5% to 10% of females. This is a genetic disorder and will unfortunately most likely be pasted to children when and if I can have them. Some cases are more severe than others and the most talked about side effect of PCOS is infertility, but this can be usually be fixed with medical help. PCOS is believed to be linked to insulin and be an intolerance to such. So unfortunately weight gain and problems controlling your weight can be an issue and ultimately may cause diabetes. PCOS can also if not monitored lead to Ovarian Cancer, which is why September to me is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.
   SO, as homage to all the brave ladies that fight Ovarian cancer as I sit here I started off September with the loudest most bright teal manicure I could do with the polishes I have. Which was cool as I had a few ladies at my work comment on them so I got to share why I had painted them that way:)

This is Nicole by OPI Poised in Turqiouse

With one coat of Sinful Colors Nail Junkie

This was SUPER sparkly in RL

but of course it didn't want to photograph

This is more true to color

and you can see the sparkles a little better

little pieces of holographic goodness
  There you go ladies! Some teal for your eyes:) If you want to know any more about PCOS here is the wikipedia page. It is to the point and not to terribly dry of a read. I also wanted to mention that I was not sponsored or asked to do a write up by anyone. I don't even think Ovations know I exist. I just really believe in supporting this cause!

I will be back with a mom manicure later and some announcements!

Love you all and thanks for reading this long post!