Monday, April 11, 2011

I take mom out on a limb

    My mom has things that she likes a certain way; nail polish is one of them. She did however like my polka dots from my nemo manicure( because they were neat and evenly placed). So she decided I could give her polka dots. So she picked dove and kaitlyn from zoyas intimate collection.
    I made her pick which she wanted for her background and what she wanted for the dots. So I start painting her nails the base color and I skip her ring finger. I argue a good two minutes on how switching the colors on the ring finger will be cute and everyone will like it. I finally win of course and mom and I both liked how it turned out. Also mom got lots of compliments at work on how chic her nails were:)

Mom hates this picture, I love how she poses her hands though

Dove is the base and Kaitlyn the polka dots

   It was cute simple and subtle, which works for my mom as she hates the bright "not normal" colors. She is the queen of soft pinks. Though I will admit zoya is breaking her out of that shell a little bit!

   Also I didn't notice until about 15 minutes ago today's post completes the post every day for a month challenge! Well I will strove to do a post every day from now on any way! So keep following me and I will keep checking back in with you:)
   Thanks  to those that stayed with me even through my crazy hiatus; and to those that joined in the last month, thank you too! Every time I had someone new subscribe it made me smile and I can't thank you guys enough!

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  1. I loove that you pushes your mom's manicure limits! And it helps a lot that she gets great comments on her nails :) It looks very classy!