Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garden Hue

   I had an appointment with AAA insurance a few days ago. It just so happens that Sally's is right next door. I have never bought a nail polish thinner so I went in to grab that. I added a new top coat to test out and two Finger Paints polishes.

   So as I have my new nubbins and couldn't decide which to use first I went with both. Warning this picture is after having worn them two days so there is a light amount of wear and tear but I was mostly at home watching movies and being sick so its not to bad.

In my comfort hoodie:)

for some sparkle I added Fairy Dust

Purple is Hue Rang?

That tealy awesomeness is Avant Garde Garden
   I will admit I really love both of these colors, though I am pretty sure I have colors that are pretty similar. But who cares they are GORGEOUS!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I LIVED!!!! Well Kind of...

   I made it through camping, however my nails did not and I am back to the tiniest of nubbins. I was also started to feel sick when I left to go, and came back and had to keep telling myself I couldn't die because the plague doesn't exist anymore! LOL! But I am feeling better today so I thought since I have been ignoring you while camping and being sick I would hope on here and show you guys some manicures from before the nubbins.( It just now occures that I could have prewritten and set these to come up the last week) honestly I am sorry I didn't think of that earlier.

   I was talking to my bestie Rachel and she had done a cute summery nail polish look and so I did this:) I wanted fun summery colors so I of course reached for my china glaze!
   I used frostbite, papaya punch, and 108 degrees. I thought the three of them looked cute together. Though I will tell you what 108 degrees did NOt want to come off my skin, it was crazy! But its gorgeous so I will deal.
   So this is just a standard water marble, I love water marbling and all the cool shapes you can make but I don't like when each finger looks the same. I is a weird me thing:)

I have no idea what is going on with the index finger


    Do you guys like to water marble or do you think it is to much work for a manicure that in my case doesn't last very long? I am thinking I almost like drag marbling better just because it is faster and less messy, but still looks cool.
   Have you guys been enjoying warm weather? 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just an update

Hi ladies, I just wanted to give you guys a 411;)

I am going to be gone camping for a few days and on top of that am having some crazy breathing/allergy stuff going on. Hopefully I live for the 2 day camping extravaganza!

Also I know I haven't been posting as much but I had some craziness going on and I took pictures to share with you ladies:) Just cuz I know you want to see me and what I had to deal with right?

Hehehehe well here is a few of the things I was dealing with this last month:)

I smashed my finger in a painful

broken...eventually ended up rounded up
all of my nails

Also I know you guys dont see my eyes, but look
what my left eye decided to do! Then it migrated
to my lower eyelid. It was painful too:(

This is only a few of the things. I also tripped going up the stairs and scrapped my hand up. So definitely wish me luck with camping!!

Love you guys!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My new love

   So ladies I am not going to lie, right now I am not feeling anything. I just found out some stuff that seriously has me depressed. BUT! I will show you a manicure I wore for FOUR DAYS! Four days ladies! That is like a miracle! Are you tired of the caps and exclamation points? Yeah me too lol

   For the love manicure I used two coats SH Celeb City, 2 coats Icing Glamorous, then 1 coat of CG Crushed Candy. I looooooooved it and I got so many compliments:)
   I will definitely revisit this manicure!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


   As of today I have 50 followers which is awesome and amazing and it is all thanks to you ladies.

   I am not going to do a giveaway for 50, I am however going to start picking up stuff for the 100 followers giveaway.

   So I want you guys to let me know what you want to see in a giveaway, what you want me to try to get my hands on and all that good fun stuff.

   Also I went and deleted a few of my posts. The older ones no one wanted to read anymore anyway!

   But really ladies your support is amazing and I appreciate it so much! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Summer Love-in....

  So I wanted to try multicolored striped goodness under crackle and this is what I ended up with.
   The colors are 108 degrees, four leaf clover and papaya punch. I loved this alot, though mom called it the Jurasic Park Manicure!
   I think I want to try a neon version as I think that would be super eye catching!

What are your favorite things to do with the crackle polishes?

I damaged my hand at work...sorry about the
peeling skin....:P
  Also these pictures were taken after I had worn this manicure to work twice hence the polish damage:)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to...

Tracy and Ashley!

Two of my fellow groupies from Polish-aholics on the fb!

Ashley requested green manicures and as I had a brand spanking new green I figured well heck yea! Then when I FINALLY got Tracy to tell me what color she wanted I got the answer yellow.

So Here is it a cute green and yellow manicure:)
Two coats of China Glaze 4 Leaf Clover

Polka dots are a micture of solar power and white
then I added fairy dust
Have a Great and Happy day Ladies!! I wish you nothing but the best in all things.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hello Everyone!

   So did you all miss blogger while it was gone? I did and now I am not where my pictures of my nails are. So for now you guys will have to do with a I MISSED YOU! and I will be back after i get off work, which will be like midnight my night.

Manicure post that will be up tonight is a birthday manicure for two ladies for my group I am a member of on facebook. so stay tuned!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Charisma Fairy

   Here is a short simple blog post for everyone. This is zoya Charisma, mom picked her out in the earth day promo and I actually wore her before I wore shawn. I will tell you truthfully this was the MOST difficult zoya I have ever worked with, and when you put it on it looks NOTHING like these pictures. In a normally lit room it is a mid tone fuschia, darker room it looks purple then in the sun or good lighting you get this color. I was tripping out the whole time i wore it.
  Then just to liven it up a bit I did a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust.
was gorgeous and would be totally fun on my toes:)

What do you guys think? Pretty much the perfect spring/summer shade huh?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I got one!

   I was out and about with mom the other day and I meandered into Michael's and BAM! 40% off their whole scrapbooking stock which includes the "Melmer", so I had to have it!
   I was VERY happy with the quality of the "melmer" I am not sure what I was expecting but this baby was not light!
   So I have pictures of it in box out of box built and how I organized it. I do recommend getting some no slip shelf liner however, otherwise yoour polish is going to be sliding everywhere:)

This is it in box ( obviously )
It looks like it is going to be so small

Luna was OBSESSED with the pieces!
I don't know if it was the smell of the wood or what,
but she spent a good 15 minutes while I read the
directions and counted the pieces rolling on them :)

Here she is all built! I only had one problem with
it but that was my own fault. I didn't get the holes
for the screws lined up right and so I had to unscrew
then line it up to make it fit correctly.

All my colors are arranged in Rainbow order:) I thought this would be easiest for me:)

My top drawer is all OPI Products.
In the back is OPI, Middle is Nicole by OPI
then in the front is my SOPI

Middle Drawer
China Glaze, Zoya, Sally Hansen, and Revlon

Bottom Drawer. This is my Misc drawer
NYC, Covergirl, orly, Essence, Wet n'Wild,
Rimmel, L'Oreal, Icing, Claires, Hot Topic,
Borghease, Maybelline, CQ and a few others
    As you can see I love it, and I have a little bit of room to expand, or I can just buy another as they are made to be stackable!! Whoot!

   How do you guys store your polishes?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Come Take a Walk with Me ( picture heavy)

   I am a youtube junkie. I love the beauty community there and one of my top 3 favorite youtubers is Amarixe. I think she is super sweet and I also love her vlog channel.
   This month she had a Rimmel giveaway which I happened to win. I received 2 mascaras ( which I haven't tried yet because one of my eyes has had some crazy swelling in the eyelid and I don't want to mess up a new mascara!) Two lipsticks, and then 1 nail polish.
   Here is the video where she talks about the me

I love the polish and did a photo session with it as I walked to work!

Rimmel Pulsating is definitely gorgeous out in the sun:)
I thought these were pretty.
Right across the street from me

I added a little bit of stamping:)

Isn't this gorgeous!

I loved the texture in this picture

Some tall trees

In the shade

A lily I think

This is my street:)
I work 2 blocks from my house

How gorgeous is this!
LoL I freaked people out when I took this pic
This reminded me of PaintedLadyFingers:)
   So that is my walk to work... What do you guys think? I liked taking these pictures. It was definitely an odd experience taking pictures of my nails outside. I got a few weird looks:) But I did it for you guys:)
   Have you guys ever taking a picture of your nails outside around other people?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yes I am a Nerd and PROUD of it!

   I own it...I pretty much have to because I am nerdy about a variety of things. But my younger brother is also a nerd and has been most recently freaking nerding out about The Game of Thrones.
   Now I will admit he has me addicted to the show, and I do want to  read the books; though I think it is wise to wait until at least the first season is over.
   So the other night when I was having a creative crisis I asked mitchell what I should paint( he seriously comes up with cool combinations and ideas) He told me to paint the emblems ( though he says technical word for them is heraldry) for the houses from the show.
   I am going to admit now I only did one hand as it was quite detailed and took me about 45 minutes. But here you go!
Baratheon, Stark, Greyjoy, Arryn, and Tully Houses

Suzie says fueng shui and Sookie background

The yellow lines are tentacles from a squid;)

Solar Power ( this nail was my favorite)

   I posted this manicure on facebook and mitchell and my other friend Nonny who is also obsessed with this series went off on a tangent it was crazy!
   Do any of you watch the show or read the books?
   Definitely let me know what you think and if you think I should do more detailed work like this!

Monday, May 2, 2011

And the nominees are!

The lovely Amber from Rainbows and Sparkles! I love Amber she is so cute and funny!

Definitely go check out her blog

Lindsay from VI. Her blog is so cute, she even has an ode to seche vite which cracked me up!

She only has like 26 followers which is crazy go check her out!

And last but most definitely not least we have Megan over at Painting Rainbows.
I think Megan is super creative and I love perusing her blog so I hope you will too!

So there you have it my nominees for the blog awards lol:) I am sorry I had to post this up separately but my computer has been trying to die on me:P


   So one of my fellow bloggers and one of the first to follow my blog gave me a blog award!

   So I very excited and proud:) Thank you so much Swaafie!
Definitely  check out her blog:

The blog award she gave me was the Liebster Award. 

Aand, there's some rules:

The Liebster Award is designed to bring well deserved additional recognition to those bloggers with less than 300 followers (thats me! hah). If you receive the award you link back to the blogger that nominated you (done) and nominate 3 more blogs.

I will put my nominations up in a little bit, my internet is acting up and wont load anyone's pages and I have to make sure they have less than 300 followers!

Thanks again Swaafie! I sincerely appreciate it:)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Testing my skill

   Awhile ago I recreated a manicure I fell in love with while looking at wah-nail manicures.
   I used the OPI Hong Kong collection and at the time was very proud of myself.
   Well I took it upon myself to recreate it to see how much if any I have improved. Also I wanted to use my new Revlon Royal Polish ( which is a gorgeous blue jelly polish)
   I think from looking at the old one I have come along quite well so far:) What do you guys think?

   These pictures definitely do NOT do this color justice, though unless you are in sunlight it does look pretty dark, a few people thought I was wearing black and had placed random white stripes...
   Overall though I would say I loooved the color, and also bought one of their scented polishes to try so that will be fun!