Sunday, April 17, 2011

Black Sparkly Nubbins

Yay a post with actual pictures! I feel like I abandoned everyone for a few days, but I wouldn't have done it if I could have helped it. I will also put up a picture of the broken toe at the VERY end as I know some people hate feet:)

   So I broke 6 fingernails so I chopped all my nails down to nubbins so they are even. And what looks better on short nails light or dark colors? I voted dark so went with glitter. So are you ready? Here are the nubbins:
Base is wet and wild Black Creme

Glitter is Milani Gems

please ignore the damage from work
Told you guys they were short, like really really short.  Though hopefully I can avoid the craziness that happened at work this week. That would make my life a little better.

   So my toe..... I am SEVERELY accident prone Gravity loves me so much it makes me come down to its level.....ALL THE TIME! But the toe breakage was very much my fault.
   I was sitting chatting with my mom and went to go scoot closer to the screen of the computer and I did the hope pull the chair closer move. Well when the chair came down it landed all on my toe with all that force and me added to it.
   So here it is....the toe is feeling a little better now that I had mom tape it up for me.

yeah notice how the bruise goes all the way down to the top of the foot?
See you guys soon and may your day be accident free!

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