Monday, August 30, 2010

East Village

So I am a blue fan, especially teals( my favorite color of all time is cerulean blue). So when I saw East Village by N.Y.C. I was in heaven! Then I got it home and had 4 layers of it on my nails before I liked it. I generally don't mind layering, but still it was disappointing. So! I said I want that color in less coats so I decided to layer it. This is the result:

This color was so gorgeous!!! How did I do it and keep it at the 3 coat manicure? I put it over one coat of Suzi Says Fueng Shui by OPI. Which if you don't own by now I don't know what you are waiting for!

I got so many compliments on the manicure, and it lasted quite awhile as well:)

I loved it alot and hope you guys enjoy the color inspiration!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes you just want to blend in

I had one of those days about a week ago. I am not usually a nude nail kind of girl but I was in the mood for something not quite so out there.

So I did this manicure and it actually got alot of comments. The ladies that come into the movie theater I work at all really liked them.

This is two coats of sephora by OPI's Under My Trench Coat, and what I always thought of as a deluxe swiss dot print:) The dots are just in a white from my nail art striper.
 This picture is actually pretty darn color accurate.

I am still having issues with nail breakage from work; my pointer fingernail went and broke all the way back to the nail bed OUCH! My other nails at the moment are fine * knocks on all available wood around her*

I will be back with my crazy colorful manicure since this one is simple:) Hope you like it and best wishes to you:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just a quick note:)

   One of the blogs on my blog roll:) That I check everyday is Lacquerized @ is having a giveaway.
   She is doing a giveaway for 4 different Kiko brand nail polishes. This is a German brand of polish and it looks so fun!
   So why don't you go over and check it out and sign up to be a follower while you are there ( you have to be one if you want to enter the give away)

 How much do you want the topcoat of flakies? *faints from awesome sparkliness*

An oldie but goodie

This was a simple manicure I did for a day at Universal Studios with the boyfriend and his niece.
This was either for audrey by china glaze or orlys gumdrop as a base( how sad is that I dont remember?)
 The yellow dots are solar power by china glaze, Sally Hansen Chrome nail makeup in aquamarine chrome and L'Oreal jet set quick dry in Zippy. Just about three of each on each nail. Then topped off with seche vite topcoat. It was super cute and easy and had alot of compliments:)

I need to figure out how to stop breakin my nails at work:S

This is a little blurry but you can see the two blue dot colors a little better:)

I will have some newer manis up soon. I lost the cord to off load my camera so getting them off then onto the computer got a little tricky. Also Any good recommendations for a strength builder?
I am constantly breaking my nails at work from getting then smacked while working in the projector( I work at a theater). I would appreciate it:P

Friday, August 6, 2010

Not your usual nail art

So I thought why not start off the blog with a non-standard manicure:)
 So Here it is.This is my very old school phone:)

   I used one of my older glitter polishes, covergirl's Boundless Color in Ruby Dust, all over( i did add some extra pink glitter by wet'n wild).
Then added hearts in Gumdrop by Orly.
The flowers were made with N.Y.C in french tip white, the yellow is solar by China glaze and i THINK the leaves were Jade is the New Black by O.P.I of course.

I really love it, it gave my phone a second life. Yes it doesn't make the keys not stick and upgrade it but it made it a little more me, and isn't that part of what nail polish is all about?

So one more picture a  little closer up though slightly yellow for you guys and I will see you on the next post!

Hello Everyone! I FINALLY made a blog

   Okay so I am one of those people that fell in love with nail polish and nail art. Because of this I follow a few nail polish blogs( over 30 I believe). My friends think I am crazy, but they all want me to paint their nails:)
   So I kept thinking about starting my own blog....Why I should and why I shouldn't kept going through my head. So I bit the bullet and here I am. YAY for Stephanie! ( stephanie is me btw hehehe)
   Okay so what will my blog contain? Mostly nail polish and the manicures I have know fun standard nail polish blogging, hence the polish part of for love and polish.
   But as this is my one and only blog and I love to share I will be sharing things that I love with you guys as well. You know you are excited;)
   So if you decide to follow me thanks! I hope you like what you will see:) Have a great weekend everyone! I will see you all soon!