Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nude Gold Love

   I have fallen in love with a manicure that doesn't look quite right with my skin tone. So sad! I am if you hadn't noticed by now a very pale when I saw pictures of SOPI's Lets Plie it looked gorgeous and just that hint of tone that was perfectly nude.
   Unfortunately for me it seems to be for people with a warm undertone so something about it is a little off for a nude for me. I wear it anyways when I want something but I don't want to smack people with color.
    This manicure has the Let's Plie with Only Gold for Me over the top. I think it is GORGEOUS, that little bit of glitter just sits there nicely on the nail for that little but of something special.

Only Gold for Me and Let's Plie
You can definitely see how the color is a little off
also note my how long they are now!?

   I am falling in love with my actual nails the last few days, they are all starting to get to the length I like and they are growing a lot faster lately. I started taking a standard multi vitamin and seriously it is nuts how much of a difference I feel it has made!
   Also they feel a little more strong as well:) My nails used to peel all the time!

How long do you guys like to keep your nails at?

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