Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sedar Supper and a few extras

    The Joshface ( the boyfriend) happens to be Jewish so this week was passover so we had the Sedar Supper.
   Now I was trying to decide how to paint my nails and I tried to get the Joshface to help me decide; I do not why I ask him this as he always ALWAYS tells me he doesn't know.
   So I asked my friend Nonny and she said blue and white.  I told her those were Hanukkah colors and she says, "They are Jewish colors"
   From there I went and based my manicure off The Daily Nail's Hodgepodge design.
   I liked it, mom definitely did not lol!
I actually used a paint brush for the first time

I also used my dotting tool for the dots;)

White-ish color is CQ2
Blue is Orlys Snowcone
Brown is China GLazes Ingrid

I will admit I really liked this manicure but doing the right hand was a pain! It turned out okay though!
   So I have a few other pictures just to share:)
This bookmark was made by a coworker out of polish.
Cute huh?

My strawberry sling purse which I thought I had lost:

Jasmine Trees outside by where I work.
They smell AMAZING!!
Hope everyone is doing well! Anyone doing anything fun for the weekend?
 Also the Zoya earthday promo started so you should all go check that out! 


  1. wow I LOVE that manicure it's gorgeous!!

  2. @NailDesignsXOX Thank you! I liked it a lot myself!

  3. i love the design! so creative! :)