Saturday, April 9, 2011

Somewhere, beyond the sea

    I was watching one of my favorite movies a few days ago and I was thinking "Hmmm what kind of nails could I do inspired from this movie".
   There are a TON of nails inspired from movies, and The Daily Nail actually did an AMAZING manicure inspired by Finding Nemo, where she did a fish on each nail. Now I loved the idea of that but I like the more simple nails...they are more work appropriate for me as I tend to end up with chips the first day because of the film.
   So as I was watching it the manta ray teacher comes in and he is done up in my FAVORITE pattern for a manicure ever. Polka Dots.
Oh navy with white polka dots that's classic and flattering and won't get me in trouble at work. So I decided that is what I would do. But as I kept watching the movie I decided I just had to do something for Nemo. A stripey ring finger? That would be cute but I dunno. So I took the orange and just added it right into the polka dotted design I was already doing.
   This manicure was simple, cute and I have never received so many comments on a manicure at work before. My coworkers all loved it and the customers kept asking me where I got my nails done, it was crazy! I loved it, but it was crazy. So here they are, My Finding Nemo nails:)

Went with a shimmery Navy base, then did white polka dots,
Then just put random orange dots in.

I love how Crush looks like he loves them in this picture:)

I used Maybelline Denim Dash for the Navy

The white is Sally Hansen and the Orange is NYC Spring Street
     Needless to say I loved this mani, I am actually still wearing it though I will be taking it off here in about 20 minutes to do some swatches and then a new manicure.

   Do you guys like the somple classic patterns too?

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