Wednesday, April 6, 2011

YAY!!! Meet the first of my bogos:)

Allrighty everything is up and running and compatible:) So excited!!
I will be posting two different blogs today to make up for yesterday:) Thanks for understanding everyone! Also the new camera is more spiffy than my old one so you should be able to see a change in the picture quality, but I am still learning the settings:)

So my mom and I split the BOGO from Zoya she got three and I got three. So the first polish I told her I wanted was Faye. Something about that color just screamed to me.
I love the color but I had some issues with it. Though I think its the base coat I switched too because it is giving me issues with some other polishes as well.
These are all two coats with a base and top coat. SO SHINY!! Love it so much!

I did a thick coat of shatter on my rings fingers just because I could. But then I didn't much care for the shatter.

I love the color and the shine and it went on smooth and didn't give me any issues( I am again assuming the issues I had were bc)

This color screams Rapunzel to me. Tangled has been kind of an obsession of mine and I can so see Rapunzel wearing and loving this color.
Have you seen Tangled? What color do you think Rapunzel would wear?

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