Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's eat jellybeans and dye your fingers time!

   I love holidays, seriously how could you not? They are suppose to be all fun.
   I bring you my easter manicure! I brought out my pastels and I will admit this one takes a little more than my usual simple nails.

    For this one you will need pretty much the rainbow in pastels, a dotting tool ( or equivalent) and a nail art brush.
(L-R) no name HK, peachy keen, solar power,
minted, what's with the cattitude?, grape ice
    Now comes the part that takes some patience! i did the standard polka dots and stripes. I did do a nail that is for my Grandma. Every year she would have us dry our eggs on paper everyone does. But then she lays them out flat and lets them dry, then we use them for napkins for easter dinner. I always thought that was fun so I did a nail inspired by the easter napkins.


   The chicky was probably the easiest part actually. A big dot a little dot then an eye beak and two little legs:)

   Do you guys like pastels for Easter or do you guys get really tired of them and crave dark colors?


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