Monday, April 4, 2011

Carli's Cheetah

  One of my good friends Carli came to hang out with me the other day. She was due a manicure and she decided to get it on Thursday because she was leaving to go to Vegas. I let her pick her colors and her design.
   Her inspiration actually came from the shoes she was taking with her which are cheetah print.

  So I used Revlon Gold Get 'Em for the background a whole three coats as the color is sheer but gorgeous.
For the spot in the print she picked China Glaze's Frostbite and Nicole Poised in Turquiose. Then the Wet n' Wild black creme.

   This was my second attempt ever at Cheetah print. But i thought it turned out pretty cute.

   What do you guys think of animal print? I myself am not an animal print kind of girl but I think it looks nice on her nails.

Side note. Todays post marks 3 weeks into my post every day for a month! One week left I am going to try to do my whole collection if you guys want to see that! Let me know:)


  1. I'm not that fond of animal print either, but I really like this combi of colors :) I'd might get myself to wear a cheetah mani with this combination..

  2. Yeah I loved the colors she chose. But I am definitely not one to wear it myself. I dunno maybe as an accent for a manicure?