Friday, April 29, 2011

Cheese fest nails!

   My family and I all participated in the 2nd 8th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational.  It was really fun though none of us placed but it was a fun day with the family.

   For my nails I wanted to do an easy simple color that was pretty and was cheesey at the same time.
   I reached for moms new Zoya Tanzy. I loved it so much! I got a lot of compliments and it was so sparkly in the sun, and it matched my snacks:)

The family and I took a break for a snack and to relax. So here are my nails and baby carrots. And I know you want a family picture so here we are:)

Mom and Russ in back, then Mitchell and me in front
 Have you guys ever competed in anything with your family? 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I failed

   The other night I was feeling uninspired. So I had my bestie Rachel pick a color and she picked red.
  I went and grabbed Sooki from Zoya. What followed is a manicure of what I consider epic fail, I wore it a day because I knew I had to show you guys for the sake of well looking human lol!
  So here it is the fail:

   I scrapbook so I used the funky scissors for a manicure...HATED IT!!! Then I put glitter over the top just to distract myself.

   What was your worst Manicure?

This week was

the craziest week ever! But I am offloading pictures of it right now so you will have bloggy goodness:)

I have a fail mani, a cheese mani, a youtube video win mani. So got a few heading your way! You better be excited!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am exhausted!

   So today my whole family competed in The 2nd 8th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational. It was fun but we were out from 10 am until 5:30 pm outside standing and in the sun!
   I am definitely a tired girl:)
  But tomorrow after easter family dinner I will be here with a first. A manicure that I think turned out HORRIBLY! Also I will show you guys what I wore to the Grilled Cheese Invitational:)
   See you guys tomorrow and have a great easter!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's eat jellybeans and dye your fingers time!

   I love holidays, seriously how could you not? They are suppose to be all fun.
   I bring you my easter manicure! I brought out my pastels and I will admit this one takes a little more than my usual simple nails.

    For this one you will need pretty much the rainbow in pastels, a dotting tool ( or equivalent) and a nail art brush.
(L-R) no name HK, peachy keen, solar power,
minted, what's with the cattitude?, grape ice
    Now comes the part that takes some patience! i did the standard polka dots and stripes. I did do a nail that is for my Grandma. Every year she would have us dry our eggs on paper everyone does. But then she lays them out flat and lets them dry, then we use them for napkins for easter dinner. I always thought that was fun so I did a nail inspired by the easter napkins.


   The chicky was probably the easiest part actually. A big dot a little dot then an eye beak and two little legs:)

   Do you guys like pastels for Easter or do you guys get really tired of them and crave dark colors?


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sedar Supper and a few extras

    The Joshface ( the boyfriend) happens to be Jewish so this week was passover so we had the Sedar Supper.
   Now I was trying to decide how to paint my nails and I tried to get the Joshface to help me decide; I do not why I ask him this as he always ALWAYS tells me he doesn't know.
   So I asked my friend Nonny and she said blue and white.  I told her those were Hanukkah colors and she says, "They are Jewish colors"
   From there I went and based my manicure off The Daily Nail's Hodgepodge design.
   I liked it, mom definitely did not lol!
I actually used a paint brush for the first time

I also used my dotting tool for the dots;)

White-ish color is CQ2
Blue is Orlys Snowcone
Brown is China GLazes Ingrid

I will admit I really liked this manicure but doing the right hand was a pain! It turned out okay though!
   So I have a few other pictures just to share:)
This bookmark was made by a coworker out of polish.
Cute huh?

My strawberry sling purse which I thought I had lost:

Jasmine Trees outside by where I work.
They smell AMAZING!!
Hope everyone is doing well! Anyone doing anything fun for the weekend?
 Also the Zoya earthday promo started so you should all go check that out! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm feeling a little blue

   Or a lot blue. So I was in a china glaze mood so I grabbed my basket with the colors and couldn't decide on one color. I just happen to have 5 of their blues so I put one on each finger.


   The colors I used from thumb to pinky: Midnight Mission, Frostbite, Dorothy Who?, Towel Boy Toy, For Audry.
   I did two coats of each and then a layer of top coat. I really liked this manicure and it was fun having my coworkers pick their favorite blue:)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Black Sparkly Nubbins

Yay a post with actual pictures! I feel like I abandoned everyone for a few days, but I wouldn't have done it if I could have helped it. I will also put up a picture of the broken toe at the VERY end as I know some people hate feet:)

   So I broke 6 fingernails so I chopped all my nails down to nubbins so they are even. And what looks better on short nails light or dark colors? I voted dark so went with glitter. So are you ready? Here are the nubbins:
Base is wet and wild Black Creme

Glitter is Milani Gems

please ignore the damage from work
Told you guys they were short, like really really short.  Though hopefully I can avoid the craziness that happened at work this week. That would make my life a little better.

   So my toe..... I am SEVERELY accident prone Gravity loves me so much it makes me come down to its level.....ALL THE TIME! But the toe breakage was very much my fault.
   I was sitting chatting with my mom and went to go scoot closer to the screen of the computer and I did the hope pull the chair closer move. Well when the chair came down it landed all on my toe with all that force and me added to it.
   So here it is....the toe is feeling a little better now that I had mom tape it up for me.

yeah notice how the bruise goes all the way down to the top of the foot?
See you guys soon and may your day be accident free!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I have to many things that are broken

   Verdict on the toe: BROKEN
   SIX fingernails: BROKEN

   Why does this happen to me?! I have no idea so I had to whack all my nails down to nubbins:(( Plus side my mom is an RN so she taped up my toe for me.

  I will show you guys my nubbins tomorrow be prepared for dark color and glitter because that is what calls to me at the moment.

   I can show you guys my toe if you want but it is pretty gnarly looking at the moment.

See you guys later today most likely!

Friday, April 15, 2011

I am alive...barely

Sorry about yesterday everyone!

I had some crazy drama at work to the point where a frame of a film melted and my boss had to come slice and dice and then tape the film back together(no I am serious). I was so scared and it had my adrenaline going all day so I came home and crashed after that. Then Thursday night...last night, I had to break down a film and in the process broke a nail * le sigh.

THEN...oh yes there is more I totally tried to break my own toe after I got home. It is bruised and bet to all get together:(

So I will try to take a picture of that and my nails so you guys can see what has been going on. Yup life here has been nuts:P

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nude Gold Love

   I have fallen in love with a manicure that doesn't look quite right with my skin tone. So sad! I am if you hadn't noticed by now a very pale when I saw pictures of SOPI's Lets Plie it looked gorgeous and just that hint of tone that was perfectly nude.
   Unfortunately for me it seems to be for people with a warm undertone so something about it is a little off for a nude for me. I wear it anyways when I want something but I don't want to smack people with color.
    This manicure has the Let's Plie with Only Gold for Me over the top. I think it is GORGEOUS, that little bit of glitter just sits there nicely on the nail for that little but of something special.

Only Gold for Me and Let's Plie
You can definitely see how the color is a little off
also note my how long they are now!?

   I am falling in love with my actual nails the last few days, they are all starting to get to the length I like and they are growing a lot faster lately. I started taking a standard multi vitamin and seriously it is nuts how much of a difference I feel it has made!
   Also they feel a little more strong as well:) My nails used to peel all the time!

How long do you guys like to keep your nails at?

Monday, April 11, 2011

I take mom out on a limb

    My mom has things that she likes a certain way; nail polish is one of them. She did however like my polka dots from my nemo manicure( because they were neat and evenly placed). So she decided I could give her polka dots. So she picked dove and kaitlyn from zoyas intimate collection.
    I made her pick which she wanted for her background and what she wanted for the dots. So I start painting her nails the base color and I skip her ring finger. I argue a good two minutes on how switching the colors on the ring finger will be cute and everyone will like it. I finally win of course and mom and I both liked how it turned out. Also mom got lots of compliments at work on how chic her nails were:)

Mom hates this picture, I love how she poses her hands though

Dove is the base and Kaitlyn the polka dots

   It was cute simple and subtle, which works for my mom as she hates the bright "not normal" colors. She is the queen of soft pinks. Though I will admit zoya is breaking her out of that shell a little bit!

   Also I didn't notice until about 15 minutes ago today's post completes the post every day for a month challenge! Well I will strove to do a post every day from now on any way! So keep following me and I will keep checking back in with you:)
   Thanks  to those that stayed with me even through my crazy hiatus; and to those that joined in the last month, thank you too! Every time I had someone new subscribe it made me smile and I can't thank you guys enough!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I swatch for you

   So two of my followers requested swatches of two of my favorite china glaze colors. Towel Boy Toy and Peace on earth so here they are:)
two coats TBT

I put top coat on ring and index finger. No tp on other two

two coats with seche vite top coat

I love these colors a lot and actually am wearing peace on earth as a full manicure at the moment. TBT does dry matte as it is a neon color technically.
peace on earth can get a little brush strokey, so even though the color is nice on the first coat a would recommend a second coat just to even everything out.
Tomorrow is going to be mom's manicure. She feels all chic and so I thought I would share what I gave her:)
See ya tomorrow!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Somewhere, beyond the sea

    I was watching one of my favorite movies a few days ago and I was thinking "Hmmm what kind of nails could I do inspired from this movie".
   There are a TON of nails inspired from movies, and The Daily Nail actually did an AMAZING manicure inspired by Finding Nemo, where she did a fish on each nail. Now I loved the idea of that but I like the more simple nails...they are more work appropriate for me as I tend to end up with chips the first day because of the film.
   So as I was watching it the manta ray teacher comes in and he is done up in my FAVORITE pattern for a manicure ever. Polka Dots.
Oh navy with white polka dots that's classic and flattering and won't get me in trouble at work. So I decided that is what I would do. But as I kept watching the movie I decided I just had to do something for Nemo. A stripey ring finger? That would be cute but I dunno. So I took the orange and just added it right into the polka dotted design I was already doing.
   This manicure was simple, cute and I have never received so many comments on a manicure at work before. My coworkers all loved it and the customers kept asking me where I got my nails done, it was crazy! I loved it, but it was crazy. So here they are, My Finding Nemo nails:)

Went with a shimmery Navy base, then did white polka dots,
Then just put random orange dots in.

I love how Crush looks like he loves them in this picture:)

I used Maybelline Denim Dash for the Navy

The white is Sally Hansen and the Orange is NYC Spring Street
     Needless to say I loved this mani, I am actually still wearing it though I will be taking it off here in about 20 minutes to do some swatches and then a new manicure.

   Do you guys like the somple classic patterns too?

Friday, April 8, 2011

My China Glaze

  Well you guys have seen my zoya so I figured we can carry on so you guys can see what I have got to work with.

   China Glaze is probably the polish I love the most. I have bought more China Glaze than any other brand. ( I do have more OPI but some is my mom's or hand-me-downs) I love the formulation and the colors. So here are my cgs:

(L-R) Fairy dust, Solar Power, Peachy Keen, and Sun Worshiper

(L-R) Ruby Pumps, Pool Party, Your Touch, and Ick-A-Body

(L-R) Riveter Rouge, Ingrid, Swing Baby, and Peace on Earth

(L-R) Dorothy Who?, Midnight Mission, Jolly Holly, and Zombie Zest

(L-R) Frostbite, Towel Boy Toy, For Audry, Flying Dragon(neon),
And First Class Ticket
I didn't think you could really see these in the first picture.
Sorry for the bottle, I took off the sales tag:)
What do you guys think? Any colors you have that you would like to see? What china glaze color do you want but don't have?

I want Atlantis sooo bad!!! See you tomorrow for a manicure inspired by a movie I watched today:)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

giveaway notice

For christmas this year the Joshface got me a cricut! I was super excited and emailed one of my fellow bloggers to ask what cartridges I should get as she does all sorts of cool crafts as well as polish.

She is having a giveaway so I thought I would send all of you her way to check it out.

if you don't follow her already I definitely recommend it!

Mom finds her Red

My mom is not very adventurous when it comes to polish colors. Though I will admit she is getting better with the Zoya promos and my influence:)

Mom immediately wanted Tansy for one of her BOGOs but when they came in she reached for her Sooki first. So I gave her a manicure. This was a lovely red. Bright, but good to go in two coats. It is defintely has a slight SLIGHT leaning to an orange red; but it screams red:)
She was so cute posing her hand for me:)
She had the bottle upside down first. But she was definitely a  good sport.

Then as this was the very first photo shoot with the new camera I took a TON of bottle pictures. But I will only give you guys one:) Her bottles were so pretty standing there.

I named two of them who wants to guess what bottle #3 is? No prize involved it is all in good fun. But give it a go and see how well you do!

Tomorrow I am going to start my collection photos probably with my china glaze as they are my favorites:)
See ya then!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I think I am in love

 Okay so we all know I love zoya. Who wouldn't? The colors are amazing as well as their formula, and their customer service is fun! I love the fairies on the facebook page. So if you haven't yet go click on their like button!

So as I mentioned earlier Mom and I split the bogo and each received 3. Here are my other two polishes.

Phoebe - A Mod Matte

Keiko- creme
I don't think I can tell you how much I love these two colors. I wore this manicure for two days then I added ds extravagance over the top of  Keiko and french tipped Phoebe. Naturally this was while my camera was dying so there is no proof.

  I loved how smooth Phoebe was though i will admit it was weird not to put a top coat on. Next I will have to give it a try and wear it shimmery.

Keiko was gorgeous as well, two coats and it was opaque and ready to go.

Next up my mom's bogos:)

Everyone have a good day?