Friday, March 18, 2011

Roxy's Raspberry Swirl

So to continue with my idea for zoya week I thought I would use my very first zoya ever...Roxy.

I did a very simple drag marble manicure, and I love it it looks like a raspberry swirl dessert!

Not to bad for my second drag marble ever huh?

Sally Hansens White on for the base( it is the only white I have)
Zoya Roxy for the awesome glittery swirl!

Hope you guys like it and maybe give it a whirl yourself.


  1. It looks so cute :)
    I have no idea what drag marble is! hah.. But if I knew, I might just try that out for myself..

  2. it is really simple! If you want maybe tomorrow I can do a quick picture tutorial?

  3. Cute!! it does look like dessert! I ordered some dotting tools that got delivered yesterday! I can't wait to play with them for stuff like this!

    I will follow you when I get home... its not letting me on my phone. Haha! be sure to check out my blog through my profile! :)