Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Recent additions

Okay I will admit this seems like a lot of polish.....and it has been accumulated over probably about a month.

I do like a little bit of every brand and if there is a deal going on I can't turn away lol!

So here are my pretties:)
as you can see I am not a brand snob lol!

All righty so I know you want some close ups. Also I will caption names and if I got a deal on them. If not otherwise noted I spent the regular retail price.
China Glaze Frostbite and Fairy dust. Got 2 for $10
Light Pink and Light Green
perplex, midnight affair and gold get 'em(m.a & gg were both for $2!)
frosted sapphire, blue lace ( got for $3), Let's Plie
bubble bath( this was a gift), denim dash($1) and shimmering bark

So what do you all think? I have been craving frostbite like crazy so finally just bought it for myself. I really REALLY want Atlantis. But alas have not been able to find it and everyone here is sold out of all crackles!!!!

What have you guys got recently or really want to get your hands on?

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