Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My three free

Okay so to kick off the month of blogging I thought I would start with my three free polishes I got in the last zoya promotion.

Now Zoya is doing another promotion any day now so if you haven't yet friend them on facebook and create a profile on They are saying everyone will need one for the new promotion. I am assuming it has to do with the two new spring collections Sunshine and Summertime. Though they also do have a 3 color mod matte collection coming out as well which looks AMAZING!

Anyway here are my 3Free:
(L-R) Stephanie, Blair, and Ibiza
So here they are, I totally didn't realize how 4th of July they looked until I lined them up for this photo:S

So we will go with the order I wore them in!

Okay this color is gorgeous! It is a deep blue but never really appears black which happens with a lot of darker colors. Also in the picture I applied ONE COAT! One coat of amazingness! So happy with this color:)

I mostly wanted a dark red shimmer. A girly-vamp kind of color. Blair is definitely pretty but I could have gone the one shade darker and gone with Colbie, I debated between the two for awhile. But I really do like Blair and have used it in quite a few manis for nail art.

Obvious reason I picked this polish is because it's name is my name:) But alas this to me is NOT a Stephanie color. Everyone who knows me agrees as well, but I suppose as my name is considered a kind of all American classic I got a classic color. Stephanie is a reeeeaaaally pale pink cream, and there was no way I was going to be able to wear it on it's own so I made the manicure that I called my dotted love letter:)

This is Stephanie by Zoya with a coat of Love Letter from NYC. Then the pink dots I believe are Japanese Rose Garden by OPI. The heart nail art sticker actually came on a sheet with a discounted bottle of seche vite top coat!

So there you have it my 3Free! What do you guys think?

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