Friday, March 25, 2011

It's a birthday kind of day

So yesterday was my mom's birthday. She went wine tasting, I took her and the rest of the family to see the movie Clue on the big screen ( how can  you say no to Tim Curry?) Out to dinner and then home to watch The Tourist.

So I was going to paint my mom's nails for her day but then real life got in the way and she ran out of time to sit and have me paint them.....seriously.

So I figured since my birthday was during my embarrassing hiatus from my blog I would post mine in the birthday spirit!

I went simple and SUPER girly for my birthday.

The roses were my present from my parents and they were gorgeous and smelled amazing!

Base Color is OPI's Dim Sum Plum
The glitters are SOPI's Only Gold for Me and Flurry Up!

I loooooved this manicure! It was fun and super super eye catching. Though I know that much glitter is definitely not for everyone:)

Have a great Friday everyone!!

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