Saturday, March 19, 2011

Roxy's Raspberry Swirl- A Tutorial:)

So a few people asked for a tutorial to yesterday's manicure so here she is:)

What you will need:
Base and topcoat
base color
swirl color
dotting tool

Step 1:
   Use nail polish remover and make sure your nail is clean. Do all your standard manicure steps filing ect.

Step 2:
   Use your base coat. I am actually going through and using up what I have in my collection; so at the moment I am using Sally Hansen: double duty base & topcoat.

Step 3:
   Step 3 is where you make or break this manicure. You have to put on a thick wet coat of whatever color you use as your base. In my case I used sally hansen white on. I cannot stress how important it is to do one thick coat! Do not do the building of layers, or you wont be able to swirl in the color. So one thick coat evenly over the nail.
see how its thick but not running all over the place?

Step 4:
   Now before your base coat has a chance to dry use a dotting tool (or whatever you happen to have handy) and drop dots onto the nail. For this finger I used three medium sized dots of Zoya's Roxy.

Step 5:
   Now mine looks a little more bumpy than yours will since i had to pause and takes pictures of each step lol! For this step you will use the toothpick, and NOT pushing down to the nail, just into the polish make swirl designs. You can do circle, lines, whatever you like until you get a patten you like. Though I do recommend not going over board as that just mixes the colors and you don't see the swirl anymore.
see how mine looks bumpy? Thats because the white started to dry!

Step 6:
   This step is clean up if you have anything, then place a top coat over the polish and TADA!
the topcoat will help smooth out bumps if you have them

So there it is! I love how fast this marbling is compared to water marbling( less messy as well). Though you do have to do each nail at a time.

Let me know if you give it a try, or if you would like to see it in different colors!

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