Thursday, March 24, 2011

Because we are living in a material world

Okay so how many of you are singing Madonna now? LOL! Hopefully more than a few of you. Today's manicure screams I love being born or living through the 80's.

I went simple and bright and loved every second of this manicure. Hopefully you will too.

I went the super simple route and just used my dotting tool to put the splatter where I deemed fit. Here is my right hand just so you guys know I actually paint that hand as well:)

This whole manicure was inspired by the base color. This is Sally Hansen's Fuchsia Bling Bling which was given to me by my friend Mel. Who comes over at least once a week so I can paint her nails.

Do you guys like? I thought it was fun and I loved how it matched my victoria secret soft and dreamy body mist:)

What is your favorite simple manicure design?

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