Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cold Movie

   I judge, I will admit it. I judge polish by it's bottle. ALL THE TIME! Which I will admit has bit me on the toosh a time or two.
   This manicure has one of the colors that I saw and just had to have, I also know this color called to almost everyone who loves polish. Its gorgeous in the bottle but is sooo sheer on the nail you just want to chuck it across the room.
   Have you guessed which polish I am talking about? LOL! There is probably more than I would care to know:)
   The polish I am talking about is Sally Hansen's DVD. The polish looks amazing in the bottle and you want it to look that way after 2 coats, well try again. I did a four coat manicure of this polish....once.
   Then I got china glaze's frostbite and it screamed at me to be paired with dvd. The manicure that came out of that union was one I loved so much I left it alone for 3 days...which is as long as any manicure ever lasts with me.
   This was so hard to capture on camera! The blue base coat made the polish scream blue in the sun...a gorgeous blue but blue. In shade it did duo chrome goodness. So I will just post up the 5 pictures that best shows you what my cold movie manicure looked like!

the blue matches my Ipod whose name btw is Astrid:)

you can see a little bit of the purple here

heres some purple! finally

this is even better

this is what my nails looked like most of the time.
Also note the manicure stuff in the background:)

I know I love to layer polishes to create new colors. What are some of your favorite combinations?

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