Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I got a gem!

   Okay so when I was first introduced to Deborah Lippmann it was love at first sight. My three loves are the typical three everyone loves:) Happy Birthday, Across the Universe, and Bad Romance.
   I want these polishes with a passion but the one time I got to where they were actually sold the one I had decided to buy( Across the Universe as it doesn't have an awesome dupe) was SOLD OUT! WHAT!?! I was beyond sad.
   But I moved on with my day of shopping and I kept my eyes out for other dupes. I bought the complete china glaze halloween collection. Mummy May I broke before I got it home....and I had bought the last bottle available. $7 I will never get back and the polish I most wanted I don't have either. * insert sad face*
   So when people started posting the possible dupe for Happy Birthday I kept my eyes peeled and today I FOUND IT!!! *Happy Dance* Milani Gems was hiding at the very bottom of an aisle at Target.

   OMG! Look at all the glittery prettiness:) I left this picture a little more blurry so you could catch more of the colors.

   So I went with a nude base with one coat of gems over top to show off the glitter and not compete.

For the Nude base I used Sally Hansen's Princess Pink and then obviously the Gems over the top.
just because you need another picture of glitter

   I think this satisfies the need for Happy Birthday, now if I could get my hand on the other two maybe I could move on to wanting other Deborah Lippmans:)

   What Deborah Lippmann polish do you crave? Maybe I should make a polish wishlist:)

Tomorrow you get my favorite straight color manicure of the month...are you excited??

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