Friday, September 10, 2010

Purple blue flash

Warning...this is going to be photo heavy:)
   I fell in love when i went to cvs....for non polish of course and this polish yelled at me from the bottom of a shelf were someone else had misplaced it.
   Confetti is the $1.99 polish that cvs just started carrying(well mine anyway) and their polish that was screaming at me to take it home? Ice Ice Baby.....yup for serious. It made me.....*starts singing*STOP! Collaborate and LISTEN! LOL! Anyways:) So I bought Ice Ice baby and one of their other glitters they I haven't tried yet.
   Okay prepare yourself for love:)

This is one coat of OPI's Funky Dunkey and two coats Ice Ice Baby and seche vite topcoat:)

Here are two that you can really see the blue flash from the glitter:)

I dunno what happened to my middle finger:S

Because of the name I was calling this the ice dunkey lol! Can you see why I loved it? Then I had to break down a film tonight and broke 2 nails and destroyed almost all of the other polish* sigh* I hate Thursdays at work now....BUT now I get to try out the other confetti polish!

   Let me know what you think:) Come back tomorrow for the "coolest" layer mani tomorrow( i have two days off so I swear it will be tomorrow)


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