Saturday, September 11, 2010

Got the Greys?

Sorry I posted this so late/early. I crashed at 7pm....guess I was tired.

I got onto the Grey train late in the game....for some crazy unknown reason I didnt think grey would look nice. WRONG! wrong oh so wrong. But to test this out I didnt want to shell out alot of money and then hate it. So I got sally hansens wet cement.

I actually really like this polish...the color and coverage is very nice only needing two coats. The brush isn't bad either. But after I painted them Grey once I wanted to spiff it up a little so I layered one coat of OPI's What's the dune? HOLY MOLEY! A Grey holo!!!! LOVE!!! I wore this for 5 days which is equivalent to a century to my nails....and I would wear it again!

The second is color accurate and the first one shows the shimmer really well. So there you have new manicure love...the grey holo:)

Hope you guys love it too!

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