Saturday, September 25, 2010

One of my collections

   Being a girl I tend to collect things. I have my nail polish...obviously. But I also collect things that have to do with strawberries ( i lost my strawberry sling have no idea how sad I am)
   I do also collect penguins....I have quite a collection of those now as well. Though just an fyi I did like penguins BEFORE march of the penguins so I am not a band wagon jumper....
   Anyways this blog post is about something else that I collect but its more common I guess in a way. I started collecting disney pins. About one year ago I would estimate. I had been given 3 pins by some one and I found them one day and decided to look them up as I noticed 2 of them said limited edition on the back, and so it started! So I am going to show you my collection so you can see what I have and you can tell me if you think I am nuts or if you like them as well!
WARNING!!! You are about to get bombarded with photos:) Enjoy and see you all soon!

This is all of them on my lanyard.
Went with black for the pins:)

Josh won this for me on ebay. It is my favorite of
all my pins:) Yay for boyfriends:)

Stitch came to my in a B-day Card:)
Another of the original three pins:)
I love the old school Disney musical cartoons:)
Ariel: There is another Little Mermaid pin
I am jonesing for.But I had to represent my fav movie

One of my all time favorite movies.
Also means it is my fav time to go to Disney:)
Does anyone remember this cartoon?
Last of the Originals. A mushroom from Fantasia.
He is a limited edition as well! and so cute and tiny
Who doesn't love Mulan?

This was one of the three pins that were given to me.
A limited release from when it came to dvd. LOVE it!
I got this as a birthday present last year.
Another limited edition

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