Monday, August 30, 2010

East Village

So I am a blue fan, especially teals( my favorite color of all time is cerulean blue). So when I saw East Village by N.Y.C. I was in heaven! Then I got it home and had 4 layers of it on my nails before I liked it. I generally don't mind layering, but still it was disappointing. So! I said I want that color in less coats so I decided to layer it. This is the result:

This color was so gorgeous!!! How did I do it and keep it at the 3 coat manicure? I put it over one coat of Suzi Says Fueng Shui by OPI. Which if you don't own by now I don't know what you are waiting for!

I got so many compliments on the manicure, and it lasted quite awhile as well:)

I loved it alot and hope you guys enjoy the color inspiration!

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