Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An oldie but goodie

This was a simple manicure I did for a day at Universal Studios with the boyfriend and his niece.
This was either for audrey by china glaze or orlys gumdrop as a base( how sad is that I dont remember?)
 The yellow dots are solar power by china glaze, Sally Hansen Chrome nail makeup in aquamarine chrome and L'Oreal jet set quick dry in Zippy. Just about three of each on each nail. Then topped off with seche vite topcoat. It was super cute and easy and had alot of compliments:)

I need to figure out how to stop breakin my nails at work:S

This is a little blurry but you can see the two blue dot colors a little better:)

I will have some newer manis up soon. I lost the cord to off load my camera so getting them off then onto the computer got a little tricky. Also Any good recommendations for a strength builder?
I am constantly breaking my nails at work from getting then smacked while working in the projector( I work at a theater). I would appreciate it:P

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  1. Great design!