Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Secret Holographic

   I was hunting for the coveted No More Waity Katie by Butter London when out of the color of my eye I see a glimmer.
   All Hail the Queen looks like a taupe with a slight shimmer in the bottle. Just unique enough for me to decide to grab it, I am not usually a nude fan but something about this polish called to me.
   I got home with all my goodies ( this was during one of the shopping excursions for my 100 follower giveaways) and promptly put AHTQ away in my melmer and forgot about it.
  Then about 2 weeks ago I wasn't in the mood for anything fancy, I wanted something that I could wear and not worry about. So I slapped on a few coats and went to walk to work. HOLY MOLY HOLO!
    You don't really see it just looking at the bottle, the Queen is a sneaky minx. This polish is great, went on nice and didn't give me any problems.
   On with the Pictures!

two coats of nude holo goodness

can you see it?

blurry so you can see the shine!
  I love this color a lot and it makes me want to test out more Butter London. I really want Wallis from the new collection but my Ulta doesn't have it yet!


  1. It's similar to ChG FYI, but not as in your face holo, very pretty!

  2. Lovely nail polish for your tone!Very nice polish !

  3. Very nice polish!

  4. Sorry to disappoint, but Wallis is a Nordstrom exclusive. I'm headed there this weekend to pick Wallis up.