Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm in love

  I have found the polish that makes me feel sexy. I look at my fingers and think " They look amazing". Now not saying my nails have never looked better, because I have definitely had better nail length and cuticles have been better ( work is so hard on my hands ugh).

  But when I saw the new Birds of a Feather collection I knew I wanted Fowl Play. A dupe of OPI's Merry Midnight...or close enough to kill my lemming. This polish is perfection.

   A plum purple base with red flakies and a sheer blue shimmer. It goes on the nail perfectly. The pictures you will see here is 2 coats. I did put another coat on tonight after work but mostly because I didn't want to take it off and work had chipped a few corners.

   I cannot recommend this polish enough! It is gorgeous go and get it! I got mine in Ulta and seriously feel the desire to go get another bottle so I will never be without one!

   So would you like to see the pictures?!

See how deep a plum it is? Perfect

RED FLAKIES! yes please ( ignore work damage)

I love this polish:)
  What do you think? Do you guys have it and love it? Let me know!

Also keep coming back I have about another 50 people to go for my next giveaway and I am 99.9% sure this polish will be included:)


  1. Love it! It looks so pretty :) its going on 'the list'

  2. Luv this!!! Is it already out in the USA?

  3. @Jossie: Yup! Most people as far as I know are getting it at Ulta.

    @BlingerNails: It so belongs there