Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Stash ~Drawer 1~

  I promised this yesterday, I am a day behind I am sorry! It takes a little longer than I expected to photograph a whole collection.
  So as I had over 150 photos by the time I was done photographing everything I am going to do it in 3 installments. I have a Melmer so I will do it by drawer:)
  Drawer one has all my OPI products with a few extras. So here we go:

Here are my glitters and whites

and another

Servin'n Up Sparkle, Glitter Bit of Music, Sheer Enchanment

Thoroughly Modern Millie, Kyoto Pearl, Fireflies

OPI Red, Royal Flush Blush, Dim Sum Plum, I Lily Love You

All my purples!

Rumples Wiggin, Funky Dunkey, Purple with a Purpose

Grape Set Match, Ds Extravagence, DS Jewel, Midnight in Moscow

you can see some of the base colors better

Greens and my one "brown"

Ds Design

Gargantuan Green Grape, Mermaid Tears

Zom-Body to Love, Jade is the new Black

this shows the actual colors better


What's with the Cattitude?, Greece just Blue me away, Suzi says Feng Shui

DS Magic and Glacier Bay Blues

Silvers and My black

Not Like the Movies and DS Coronation

Silver Shatter and Black Shatter

minis from YEARS ago

anyone know what these are?

Sephora by OPI

Flurry UP and Only Gold for Me

Let's Plie and Under My Trench Coat

To Good for Him, Ms. Can't be wrong, and Sephora 212

Close up of 212, Holo Glitter and Flakies! ZOMG!
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My Nicole by OPI
I do have close up of the Nicole's but of course they are not wanting to work:) The colors are Ice Princess, Hot & Gold, Reddy or Not, Blue Lace, and Poised in Turqiouse.( They have it spelled that way on the bottle).

So what do you guys think? Any you don't have that you want? Or something I should add to mine? I used to have more OPI but they were technically my mom's and made her take hers back so I had some room:) Though there are some I will be sad to be without!


  1. I love seeing stashes! It's so fun! I don't have the patience to photograph all mine like that so I love seeing other peoples!

  2. If you look at the bottom of the minis, you should be able to see the bottle code (e.g. NL B23). From there, you can check the OPI database:

  3. Thank You everyone! I was informed by the Amazing Traci the names of my mini polishes!

    nutcracker sweet, merryberry mauve, and sugarplum yum!

    Thanks again!