Friday, August 19, 2011

The Collection/Stash ~Drawer 3~

  It is the final installment!  This entry actually has 61 pictures, so I am warning you now this post is HUGE! I also want you all to know I am not putting this up to brag about the polishes I do have, or to show you what I don't have so you feel obligated to ask. That is definitely not the point in my putting up these blog posts. This is just fun and sharing!
  My Third Drawer is Kind of my catch all for my smaller number collections and the few that are so large they wont fit in the other drawers...I did go to Michael's today and they STILL don't have the three drawer melmer back in stock. This is getting frustrating!
  But anyways! Here is the last of my collection ( minus one I bought today...Buffy the Violet Slayer from Wet and Wild). Enjoy!

Aurora Sunset and Fiero Flame

All Hail the Queen and No More Waity Kaity

I have had this guy since Middle School. I think it was Wet n Wild. I will
never get rid of it just because I love the bottle so much

My limited claires collection:)

Bored/excited and Pink Glow in the Dark

Poison Apple, Venomous. and Evil Queen

Confetti from CVS

Ice Ice Baby and Party Palace Blue

The Red Carpet and Dressed to the 9's ( i bought because I loved the gold)

My Covergirls, all from Middle and High School

Crystal Mist and Ruby Dust

Rose Quartz and Parisian Pink

Grape Ice and Plum Fairy

Electric Shock and Blue Parfait

#135 and Shimmering Bark ( I got it because of the seperation...looks cool
HOWEVER! I cannot get it to incorporate...)

Across the Universe

Essence Collection

Choose me! and Where is the Party?

Pixie Dust, Humpty Dumpty, and Welcome to Wonderland

Lilac Mist ( fun fact this color was for my Senior prom...2002)


Finger Paints

Avante garden green and Art You Wondering?

Hue Rang? and Purple Palette

Where Art Renoir? ( My favorite FP by far)

Frankens I have made:)

Green Shimmer was my first. Black My 2nd

3rd franken:)

YAY! Gasoline and Blue Monday


B-Day gift! Mini Hello Kitty Polishes

Frosted Sapphire and Black

Gargoyle Matte and Glamorous

Hawaiian Dream and Surfing Paradise

Pink and Blue GLITTER!! So cute!

Silverstone and Zippy

La Color Pack plus a purple and teal Cream

Denim Dash and Gold Guitar

Milani Gems

Nail Gear Giggle ( yet another middle school polish)

My NYC Stash

Starry Silver Glitter, French Tip White, and Love Letters

SoHo, Love Me Red Cream, and Lincoln Square Lavender

broadway, Fashion Ave Fuchsia, and Spring Street

Big Money, east Village, and Black Lace

Gumdrop and Snowcone

Fowl Play and Space Cadet

trying to get the sparkle and duochrome

Pulsating ( won in a giveaway from Amarixe on youtube)

Bali Mist, Dancing Nails, and Nail Junkie

Shimmery Goodness, and Metallic


Ulta polishes

Scene Steel-er and Smoke Screen

Material Girl and Pinata Yada yada 

Wet n Wild minus the one I purchased today

Party of Five Glitters, Extreme Emerals, and Sagreena the Teenage Witch

So Sapphire, Blue Wants to be a Millionaire, and Saved by the Blue

The Wonder Yellows, 9-0-2-1- Orange, and the only marking left on this is #433
It is my FAVORITE color from Middle Scool...I painted a rocket with it:)
How I Met Your Magenta, Hannah Pink-tana, and Black Creme
Drawer 1

Drawer 2

Drawer 3

  I also wanted to show you guys how they actually look in the drawers.

  What do you think? See anything I am missing that I MUST have? Go ahead and leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Wow great post I have many similar to your nail polish!(:

  2. Wow! i love your nail paint collection.

    kurtis 2012