Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Collection/StasMh ~Drawer 2~

  Here is Drawer 2 of the collection! So many photos! After this there is only one more drawer, but it is my drawer of random. I really need another melmer....but my michael's hasn't had them lately!
  But I know you don't want to hear the rambling you want to see the polish so here we go!
Two mood polishes I found in Little Tokyo

Fairy Dust and Party Hearty

Here you can actually see the glitter:)

My oranges and yellow

Solar Power and Peachy keen

Sun Worshiper and Papaya Punch

Japanese Koi, Your Touch, and Ick-a-body

Japanese Koi and Your touch


My reds: Riveter Rouge and Ruby Pumps

was hard to capture the glitter in this one

My pinks

108 Degrees and Pool Party

Reggae to Riches and Sex on the Beach

Swing Baby and Ingrid

My pretty:)

Joy on Earth and Jolly Holly

Zombie Zest and Four Leaf Clover

My blue line up

For Audrey and Crushed Candy

Towel Boy Toy and Dorothy Who?

Frostbite and First Mate

Midnight Mission

My grey and two purples

Cracked Cement and First Class Ticket

First Class Ticket and Flying Dragon (neon)

Trying to get the blue shimmer

My clears and prisms:)

south sea pearl and lavender pearl

grays through white

Wet Cement( my fav grey) and Celeb City

Black Sand( NOT a good opaque black) and White On

DVD and Purple Potion

Copper Glamour, Sparkling Champagne and Fuchsia Bling Bling

Aquamarine Chrome

Royal, Midnight Affair, and MMoody

these did not want to photograph!

True Camisole Sheer, Gold Get 'Em, and Cherry Crush

Minted and Grass Stain

Perplex and Gumdrop

Silver Streak and Silver Star ( LE)
extreme duochrome!
My clear/nudes

Sparkle Gloss Topcoat, Pandora ( mini from Birchbox) and Stephanie

Blaire and Penny
Dree and Shawn ( LOVE)

trying to be a little more color accurate

Ibiza and Phoebe

Mimi and Julieanne

Faye and Jem

Isn't Faye Pretty:)
Kieko and Charisma
These are both called Gold...yeah original

Light Pink

Lime, Light Green, and Green


Blue/Green and Teal Blue
And THAT is drawer 2! WHOO! What do you guys think? I know a lot of people don't like the "cheaper" brands but I think that for nail art and the colors they put out all polish is really fine. Plus forever 21 polish is under $3 and the colors are great payoff wise for the most part.
  Anything stand out to you guys? Some of these polishes I have had since middle school(mostly the revlons) What is your guys oldest polish?

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  1. Whoa Keiko looks muted next to Charisma, but mine at least is super bright!