Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dree....and Traci!

  I love olive green polishes. They look good with my skin tone ( I think) and it's not a color that people would normally associate with being beautiful and feminine. I love that, I love taking something you wouldn't assume to be one thing and making you see that it can be something you never thought it could be.
  Mom ordered me this color; she thought I wanted Dree not Yara. It was actually the opposite, but now that I have Dree I don't really feel the need for Yara, I can put a glitter over Dree and get close enough for me.
   The following pictures are 2 coats of Zoya's Dree. I loved it so much I actually used the color in my make up for work that day. I loved it!

note all the awesome work damage. It is all better now:)
I can't go to dark for work so it was subtle, but I liked it.
I used gold and a olive-y dark green blended out.

  Now on to the Traci section of this blog:) If you read my blog you have probably heard mention of some groups on Facebook that I am part of. A big part of those two groups for me is Traci; Traci is sweet and helpful and is always there if you have a question. I <3 her! Anyways I though I would share her blog and thus give you guys access to her 1300 followers giveaway ( HOLY MOLEY). Now I am going to be honest, I want the prize for myself so part of me is sad showing other people. BUT there will be at least 1300 other people in it too, so what harm could  it do to spread the awesomeness that is Traci?
  Here is her blog post about my most wanted lemming of all time....ATLANTIS. Then she does have her giveaway going on so I am sure you guys will want to check it out. Also make sure you actually check out here blog while you are there. It is awesome and she does some great stuff:)
  Have a great week everyone! I know i will definitely strive to!

Love Ya'll!


  1. Awww you are too sweet Stephanie!! Thank you so much, I am lucky to have you as a friend. I am so glad you are enjoying the group. AND WOWSERS this color DOES look friggin awesome on you!!!! Its perfect for you, I love it!! <3 <3 <3

  2. The polish does look good on you!

  3. I live for olive greens! I have these and they rock! AM a new follower!

  4. I like this olive green color. This is my favorite one.

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