Thursday, May 5, 2011

Come Take a Walk with Me ( picture heavy)

   I am a youtube junkie. I love the beauty community there and one of my top 3 favorite youtubers is Amarixe. I think she is super sweet and I also love her vlog channel.
   This month she had a Rimmel giveaway which I happened to win. I received 2 mascaras ( which I haven't tried yet because one of my eyes has had some crazy swelling in the eyelid and I don't want to mess up a new mascara!) Two lipsticks, and then 1 nail polish.
   Here is the video where she talks about the me

I love the polish and did a photo session with it as I walked to work!

Rimmel Pulsating is definitely gorgeous out in the sun:)
I thought these were pretty.
Right across the street from me

I added a little bit of stamping:)

Isn't this gorgeous!

I loved the texture in this picture

Some tall trees

In the shade

A lily I think

This is my street:)
I work 2 blocks from my house

How gorgeous is this!
LoL I freaked people out when I took this pic
This reminded me of PaintedLadyFingers:)
   So that is my walk to work... What do you guys think? I liked taking these pictures. It was definitely an odd experience taking pictures of my nails outside. I got a few weird looks:) But I did it for you guys:)
   Have you guys ever taking a picture of your nails outside around other people?

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  1. Haha thanks for doing this for us ;) Looks very good especially with those flowers it matches!