Saturday, May 28, 2011

I LIVED!!!! Well Kind of...

   I made it through camping, however my nails did not and I am back to the tiniest of nubbins. I was also started to feel sick when I left to go, and came back and had to keep telling myself I couldn't die because the plague doesn't exist anymore! LOL! But I am feeling better today so I thought since I have been ignoring you while camping and being sick I would hope on here and show you guys some manicures from before the nubbins.( It just now occures that I could have prewritten and set these to come up the last week) honestly I am sorry I didn't think of that earlier.

   I was talking to my bestie Rachel and she had done a cute summery nail polish look and so I did this:) I wanted fun summery colors so I of course reached for my china glaze!
   I used frostbite, papaya punch, and 108 degrees. I thought the three of them looked cute together. Though I will tell you what 108 degrees did NOt want to come off my skin, it was crazy! But its gorgeous so I will deal.
   So this is just a standard water marble, I love water marbling and all the cool shapes you can make but I don't like when each finger looks the same. I is a weird me thing:)

I have no idea what is going on with the index finger


    Do you guys like to water marble or do you think it is to much work for a manicure that in my case doesn't last very long? I am thinking I almost like drag marbling better just because it is faster and less messy, but still looks cool.
   Have you guys been enjoying warm weather? 


  1. I've never attempted a water marble but I love the look of them. I'm not good at nail art, at all. Usually a skittle mani is about as adventurous as I get, lol. This looks great on you though. :)

  2. wow! nice water marbling patters! Really great color choices :D

  3. I really need to try out a water marble look - they always look so fun! I'm glad you survived your camping trip. :)

  4. I love this! Watermarbling is so cool I'm just not good at it haha I still try occasionally or just do a accent nail so it is less work