Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello Everyone! I FINALLY made a blog

   Okay so I am one of those people that fell in love with nail polish and nail art. Because of this I follow a few nail polish blogs( over 30 I believe). My friends think I am crazy, but they all want me to paint their nails:)
   So I kept thinking about starting my own blog....Why I should and why I shouldn't kept going through my head. So I bit the bullet and here I am. YAY for Stephanie! ( stephanie is me btw hehehe)
   Okay so what will my blog contain? Mostly nail polish and the manicures I have know fun standard nail polish blogging, hence the polish part of for love and polish.
   But as this is my one and only blog and I love to share I will be sharing things that I love with you guys as well. You know you are excited;)
   So if you decide to follow me thanks! I hope you like what you will see:) Have a great weekend everyone! I will see you all soon!

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