Sunday, June 19, 2011

When I play

   I don't usually play video games, but I will admit to kicking butt  and taking names at MarioKart. But about 2 years ago I got a DS for Christmas. With it I received a Zelda game.
   Then at work last week the topic of video games came up and Zelda was again brought up ( along with my superior MarioKart skills) so that night when I got home I created my first video game inspired manicure. It was fun and I wore it for about two days.
All the polishes I used minus Zoyas Sooki for the red
2 coats jolly holly from china glaze

the left hand Z got a little fatty:)

I liked it a lot but definitely not one you could wear for a long time. Also some of the triforces were not perfectly centered and it drove me CRAZY!

Sorry for the delay in posting...Blogger was acting weird on my computer and it wouldn't let me on to the actual site!

Come back tomorrow for a new manicure in a style I hadn't tried before!

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