Monday, June 13, 2011

I am a little blue

   Sorry I have been a little sparse on here everyone. I had some major stuff going on, and although I am not 100% I am doing better.
   So the day before my friend had her baby we knew she was going in so as I had just bought some cool new blues I figured I would try my hand at my first patchwork design:)
   I am using a little bit of everyone when it comes to polish, I have 2 OPIs, an essence and an ulta:) I didn't like it without the dots though, seemed like it didn't have enough definition.
   But overall I liked the effect of the manicure, and loved the blues playing off each other with the silver.
   I grabbed some polish for my giveaway so its building up! 30 more people to go!

   I missed you guys and should be on here a little more regularly now that everything is done and sorted.

   Stay tuned I have a cool game themed manicure and another one of my firsts to show you!
also I found the close up setting on my camera
do you guys like this better?

not to shabby for a left hand:)

loved these colors!


  1. Hope your are doing even better soon :)
    Close up pics are nice! And I really like this mani!

  2. really cute patchwork! awesome choice of color combo!

  3. Thanks everyone! I am glad you liked this mani!

  4. Really cute mani....I'll have to try it.