Friday, June 10, 2011

cement pool

   I wanted neon and summery but I wasn't in that cheerful mood so I wanted to do something to darken it up a little bit.
   For a neon I always reach for poolside from China Glaze. Its an amazing neon pink. Then I wanted to try to get the better sized cracks out of the crackle polish so I used cracked cement.
   And wallah you have cement pool manicure ( which i actually wore on Wednesday and it worked for pink wednesday yay!)


   I liked it alot but I had some real life trauma ( hence the I've been quiet) so to keep myself busy I was doing my nails to keep me from thinking on other things.

   But on the plus side I am up to 70 followers so 30 more and it will be GIVEAWAY TIME!!!! whoot whoot!

thanks everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Muito bonito ... o segundo que vejo hoje.

    Beijos ...