Sunday, June 26, 2011

Plaid to meet you!

LOL! I love the name of this manicure:) Anywho!
 When I was in middle school I had an awesomely 90's outfit that was an olivey and white plaid dress/jumper. So mom did my nails in plaid to match. My love was born. So the other day I couldn't decide what to do and I had done 2 manicures and hated them both. So my mom told me to do a plaid manicure.
  I LOVED IT! I used three colors and did a very simple manicure. I wore it for three days and looooved it the first two and liked it the third:)

The colors I used were:
 wet cement: the grey
 phoebe: the blue ( fun fact this is technically a matte color)
 stripe rite: white

For this I did a grey full manicure then went in with a brush and did two vertical and two horizontal lines in blue and white. It was easy and cute.

Thanks for checking in everyone I will have a "haul" for you ladies tomorrow


  1. cutie! :) love the simple but cute mani. :) by the way im a new follower :)

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