Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I"m going on a trip

Hullo everyone!

I am  glad to see that you guys are entering the giveaway! I have added more to it as well so make sure you sign up!

I just wanted to pop on to let you all know I am going out of state for about a week so I wont be on ( they have dial up OMG *FAINTS*)

I will try to find somewhere with some wifi so I can come check on everything.

But for fun here is a tiny little post. My friend mel was in Guam and brought me back two island girl polishes one with heart glitter and one called surfing paradise. As soon as I saw it it screamed Zoya Charisma.

So I did island girl on one nail and zoya on the other. Can you tell me which is which?

I think they are pretty darn close:)

Have fun guessing and I will let you know when I get back!

I will miss you guys! Have a great week


  1. Hi! I'm new to your blog! I found your link on the Facebook group- Polish-aholics Anonymous... I like your blog!!!!! AND I love the title of your blog.

  2. Hey new follower! I love your blog name :D.

    How funny that I'm saying the same thing as the person above lol!!